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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Indianapolis

a bed bug on materials

If you had a dull ache under one of your molars that turned into a sharp stabbing pain, would you go to a foot doctor? Of course not. You'd find a dentist--preferably one that has dealt with lots of tooth extractions. You're suffering and you want someone who knows how to make the pain stop. When bed bugs invade like a pestilence you don't need a pest controller, you need a bed bug specialist, one that knows how to make your pain go away, permanently. Here is a list of traits to look for when hiring a pest specialist to protect you home or business, courtesy of your Indianapolis bed bug exterminators at Action Pest Control.

One size does not fit all. No two homes or businesses are the same, that is why Action Pest Control has developed and perfected the three most effective bed bug treatment options available.

  • Massive scale. If you are the owner or manager of an apartment complex, hotel, resort or other property with residents or guests, it may become necessary to do a fumigation. This is the most effective way to hit the reset button on an entire building.
  • Single unit. If you own a home or need to address an issue with a single apartment unit, a heat treatment can be faster and just as effective. It is important to have a pest control company that knows when a heat treatment is the best option.
  • Discreet prevention. Bed bugs can damage the reputation of a business, and be humiliating for a homeowner. The best bed bug control is discreet. The right company will have bed bug sniffing dogs that can sniff out all stages of bed bugs, even while they are still in their egg sacks. These K9 Inspectors can stop infestations before they begin and help treatment teams locate infested areas so that heat or chemical treatments are faster and more thorough.

Experience matters. When looking for a bed bug exterminator, make sure you find one that has been around for more than a few decades. Action Pest Control has been learning and growing since 1946. That kind of experience shows in quality of service and professionalism.

Make sure the company you choose stands behind their bed bug services. Action Pest Control is so confident in their professionals that they offer an industry-leading bed bug warranty program that promises free inspections and free eradication of bed bugs, at no cost to you, if bed bugs are found after treatment. That kind of security is essential when dealing with a bug as intrusive and disturbing as bed bugs.

If you need an Indianapolis bed bug exterminator, your bed bug specialists at Action Pest Control are the right choice. They also have 10 branch locations serving Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois. If you are outside of this coverage area, find a company like Action Pest Control. Bed bugs are a problem that can haunt you for years if not taken care of properly. Get effective bed bug control the first time, and be rid of those blood-eating bugs for good.