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Commercial & Municipal Mosquito Control In Lexington, KY

mosquito up close

Mosquitoes are one of those insects we are tempted to think there is nothing we can do about. They plague us at backyard barbecues, they feast on us on nature trails and they frustrate us in the park. The onslaught is so routine, we've become use to their continued oppression. But with modern pest management, there is a solution, and Action Pest Control would like to tell you how you can be part of that solution.

Mosquito Abatement

The concept of mosquito abatement, or mosquito control, is not a new idea. It has been around for years. It is widely known that mosquitoes spread dangerous diseases and that mosquito populations can be reduced by eliminating breeding sites. The problem has not been whether or not mosquitoes can be controlled, but rather, the scale of pest management needed for effective control.

What Action Pest Control Can Do

For over 15 years, Action Pest Control has been the only pest control company in the Tri-State area with the staff and equipment needed to handle large-scale municipality mosquito abatement. And, they are able to provide board certified entomologists to assist city managers during public debates and hearings. This makes them an essential part in making mosquito control possible.

What Only You Can Do

If you're looking to reduce the mosquito population in your community, make your voice heard. Get proactive. Partner with Action Pest Control to spread the awareness of this solution and guide municipalities to put this solution in place.

Change Your Community

Mosquitoes are known to carry many diseases, including West-Nile virus, St. Louis encephalitis, Dengue Hemorrhagic fever, yellow fever, rift valley fever, malaria, eastern equine encephalitis and more. This is not just an irritating pest. It is a dangerous menace. Mosquito abatement protects your family from these flu-like viruses and makes your community a safer place to live. Get involved.

Contact Action Pest Control for a free inspection and learn more about commercial mosquito control solutions and municipality mosquito abatement for Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois. You don't have to live with mosquitoes. Not now. Not ever.