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Common Complaints From Businesses With Bird Infestations

a large business building

You see them walking around McDonalds, begging for fries. You see them bobbing along the sidewalks in the park. You see them perched on window ledges, wires, and fences and you see them hopping on the fountain in the park. Birds. They're everywhere. And, sadly, so is their excrement. This might be acceptable in the park, or down by the water. You might even accept it under an overpass, or culvert system. But when you're out shopping, especially downtown, it is no longer acceptable.

Pigeon and sparrow infestations are common in city centers, and wise business owners understand the negative effect these birds have on their revenue. Nested birds give the impression of an abandoned or improperly managed building and bird feces leave an unsightly mess on sills and walkways. Few customers will be kind enough to tell you that they will not be returning, for fear of being the victim of an inadvertent bombardment. But it is the frustrating truth. Birds are bad for business. And bad for your reputation.

There are a lot of businesses looking to capitalize on your unfortunate bird problem. They make big promises, but they don't have the years of experience and expertise to properly eliminate your infestation. Many will come in, trap the birds, and clean the area, only to leave you vulnerable to another infestation. This is unacceptable.

Your reputation is important. You need a company that specializes in bird control, with years of success handling bird removal. And one that will do the job right the first time so those birds don't return. At Action, we don't just offer bird removal and cleaning services. We do structural modifications, exclusion installations, nest and roost removal, flock dispersion, and roost decontamination. Our perch prevention methods ensure that birds will not be choosing your building to roost on anymore. And, if they're not roosting, they're not nesting.

Besides damage to your public image, birds are also destructive to buildings, causing over ten million dollars in property damage each year. And there are health risks involved, such as respiratory ailments, viral infections, and food poisoning. Action has the resources and knowledge to do a thorough job. We remove all traces of bird infestation while carefully considering bird safety. Birds are gently removed, and our deterrents are non-lethal. Bird removal is our specialization, and we take pride in the job we do.

Action is the right choice to get the job done completely. Call today for a consultation.