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5 Signs Of A Pest Bird Infestation

Pigeon on a window

Birds of Indiana and Illinois can be beautiful, but they can also be a pain, especially when they begin to nest and roost in our homes and businesses. Birds including sparrows, pigeons, grackles, crows, and the like can all pose serious health problems to our families and customers, and allowing a bird infestation to exist around your property is never a good idea. Think you might have a problem with pest birds but you’re still unsure?

Here are some sure-fire signs you have a pest bird infestation around your property:

  1. The first sign is quite obvious: you notice birds nesting or sleeping on your property. If there are a lot of birds hanging around, even if you don’t have an established infestation now, you will likely have one soon.
  2. You notice a large amount of bird droppings on flat surfaces as well as around the perimeter of your building.
  3. You have a high level of insects in the area; this may be attracting the birds in the first place.
  4. You notice the pests that are associated with pest birds, including flies, fleas, or even mice.
  5. You recognize a foul odor in or around your premises that can’t be blamed on garbage or rotting materials.

If you recognize an increased level of bird activity on your property, contact the commercial bird control professionals at Action Pest Control. When it comes to getting rid of birds the humane way, our professionals can provide bird deterrent solutions that will make your property unwelcome for these pests. Action Pest Control has been successfully providing bird pest control for the business owners of Illinois last two decades and we can help you too. 

Contact us today for more information on our bird control services in Robinson, Olney, and Lawrenceville and throughout our service area, and let us help you get rid of these property-damaging and disease-spreading pests.