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What To Expect During A Fumigation

large commercial building

When is it necessary to administer fumigation methods for pest eradication? There are often times when circumstances and conditions call for greater measures of pest control than the normal pest management techniques. Business owners and commercial establishments who find heavy infestations of pests often look into fumigation services to eliminate problem pests and prevent further damage to products or facilities. It should also be noted that fumigation services are not limited to buildings. Personal belongings can be fumigated as well. This could include anything from large items of furniture to antique clocks. Vehicles have also been sealed and fumigated to remove infestations.

Commercial business owners have used fumigation services to eradicate a wide variety of pests. While bed bugs are the most common pests for fumigation, others include brown recluse spiders, psocids, and stored product pests, including grain beetles and flour beetles. Food plants, pharmaceutical factories, flour mills, ships, barges, and warehouse facilities are just a few of the commercial industries that often turn to fumigation services to eliminate pest problems.

Fumigations are highly effective with almost 100% success ratings and will get rid of all life stages of the pests. With fumigation treatments, the pest control gases will reach every nook and cranny of a structure, including inside walls and ceilings where manual treatments cannot be reached. One method of fumigation involves sealing the structure with plastic, tape, or other sealing-type materials. A second method involves a complete enclosure of the structure with a tent of vinyl-coated nylon tarpaulins.

Fumigation treatments are a safe and effective method to eliminate pests from your facility. However, this safety is only possible with highly trained professional fumigation technicians and is not to be considered as a DIY method of treatment. The application involves the use of a hazardous gas in a sealed area and remains there for a period to kill all targeted insects or pests. This gas is absorbed into everything and throughout all areas of the treated structure, preventing any pests from escaping. Once the treatment is completed, the gases are allowed to “off gas” and safely evaporate into the atmosphere. This is a safe evaporation technology that leaves no residual chemicals behind to make anyone sick or have any ill effects. Action Pest Control has performed commercial fumigation services safely and effectively for more than 30 years with highly trained professionals.