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Pest Bird Control For Your Business

two geese in the grass

Pest birds can be a nightmare for business owners. Whether you own a commercial facility or operate a business in an urban area pest birds can become a problem. Here are some of the issues pest birds create and tips on how to exclude these pests from your property.

  • Pest birds cost business owners thousands of dollars in cleanup labor, water usage and electricity.
  • Their dropping are a slip liability on job sites, corrode cement, and make business frontage unsightly.
  • Their nesting habits can cause a fire hazard in electrical boxes, create water damage by clogging gutters, and make a business look unkempt.
  • Pest birds are known to spread human pathogens and bacterial illnesses.
  • Some pest birds are linked to respiratory ailments.
  • Their roosting can cause problems with power and communication lines and scratch ledges and shingles.
  • And they drive business away.

Proper bird control begins with finding the right pest control company. In the Midwest, Action Pest Control continues to be the industry leader in bird removal and control. The reason for their great success is how they approach the problem. Here are some of they ways they set themselves apart, and the qualities you should look for when hiring a company to handle your bird control.

  • Pest birds spread pathogens like salmonella, hantavirus, gastroenteritis and blastomycosis. The last thing you need are dangerous chemicals sprayed all over your building that make these viruses look like fun to have. Action Pest uses smart, eco-friendly deterrents to make birds feel unwelcome. These include structural modifications, exclusion installations and flock dispersion methods.
  • Contamination is an issue with pest birds. Action Pest has experience and state certified technicians who know how to remove nests and roosts, and decontaminate those areas. These are technicians that specialize in bird control, not entomologists strapping on a workman's belt.
  • Action's techniques don't harm or harass these birds. They simply make them choose another place to be, naturally.

Pest birds can cost your company thousands of dollars, damage your reputation, and cause liability issues. Don't trust your bird control issues to a company that promises results. Trust it to a company with proven results.