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Mice Seek Indianapolis Homes In The Cold Weather

a mouse chewing a power cord

Everyone knows mice like cheese. But do you know what mice don't like? That's right, cold weather. Even Indianapolis mice want to be inside when the temperatures start to drop. This means bad news for you and your family.

Here are four reasons you don't want mice in your home.

  1. They chew. Mice are rodents, and rodents are classified by their ever-growing incisor teeth and their need to gnaw on things. When mice get into your home you can be sure of one thing, they will chew. They probably chewed to get into your house in the first place. That means there is a hole in your house where the cold can get in and the heat can escape. But worse than that, you have a creature crawling through your wall voids that likes to chew on wire, sheet rock, insulation, and more. This can create a hard-to-reach home repair and cost you thousands.
  2. They relieve themselves. Mice--even pet mice--are not potty trained. They go wherever they feel like it. That means food, utensils, and dishes are in danger of contamination any time a mouse is in your home. You'll find their droppings in the back of your silverware drawer, in the back of food cabinets, and under the kitchen sink.
  3. They carry disease. The CDC links rodents to diseases such as: pulmonary syndrome, hemorrhagic fever, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, and others. They spread these diseases to your family with their excrement, and by rubbing on surfaces, food and dishes.
  4. Parasites. When a mouse enters your home, he doesn't usually come alone. No, I'm not talking about more mice--though that is possible. I'm talking about the nasty little parasites that live on and inside a mouse, parasites like mites, lice, ticks, fleas, and worms.

Every year, families fight with rodent-spread illnesses and many of them don't even realize it. They hear the mice in their walls and they lay down a couple mouse traps. After a couple mice have been snared, they consider the problem solved. But it isn't solved until a home is sealed and the wall voids and attic have been decontaminated.

If you have discovered mice in your Indianapolis home, contact a home pest control company and have them properly removed. Those mice stopped being cute and adorable when they came out of the woods and started living on dumpster food and crawling through culvert pipes. Protect your family today.