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Lexington Rodent Control

Mouse on the grounds

Now that fall is here, so are the rodents. The Norway rat and the house mouse will both be looking for places to keep themselves protected from the chilly winter days ahead and your home will be the perfect place, especially if they can go undetected! But inside most homes with rodent infestations, these pests eventually become apparent and when they do, you will be looking for ways to get them out! Fortunately for you, the Lexington exterminators at Action Pest Control have a great deal of experience in removing rodents from homes and businesses in our service area and we can help you get rid of mice and rats inside your property. But how do you prevent them in the first place?

Here are some helpful tips to prevent rodents from the Kentucky pest control pros at Action:

  • Examine the exterior of your property to find any places where rodents may enter. This is important because these pests can enter through very small holes. When you find possible entry areas, fill them with expandable foam or hardwire mesh.
  • Keep your home clutter-free. By removing areas for rodents to find a safe place to hide, you make your home less inviting to rodents.
  • Use good sanitation practices daily. Keep kitchen counters clean and crumb-free and never leave food out on the counters. Ready supplies of food will keep rodents fed, which is not something you want to do for these invaders.
  • Take trash out regularly and don’t store it near the exterior of your home.
  • Move wood, rock, and debris piles away from the exterior of your home to not encourage rodent nesting near your home.
  • Cut back vegetation like tree branches and bushes from the perimeter of your home.
  • Make sure the food stored in your cupboards is in heavy-duty plastic containers with tight-fitting covers. Rodents will look for food anywhere they can find it, so you must protect all food products in your cupboards.

Rodents will take advantage of your home in any way they can to keep themselves and their families alive. They may build nests in wall voids, destroy drywall and insulation, chew on wires and they have even been known to cause electrical fires. They spread their urine and feces throughout your home and contaminate your food sources with their droppings. They carry fleas on their bodies, which can be spread throughout your home and to your pets and they are known for transmitting several dangerous diseases. As you can see, having rodents inside your home is a big problem! Although there are many DIY solutions for rodent control available at the hardware store, none of these “solutions” do more than eliminate the rodents that venture out of the nest. To eliminate a rodent infestation, it is necessary to get rid of the nest, which is something our pest control services can do for you. Contact us today to learn more about the rodent control services available from Action Pest Control.

For more information on pest control in Lexington and throughout our service area, fill out our online form and one of our friendly service representatives will call you back to discuss your pest problem. For assistance with rodents, bed bugs, termites, ants, roaches, and many other pests, contact the pros at Action today!