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Ladybugs: The Not So Pretty Pest

Red lady bug on a leaf

Have you been finding ladybugs in your Evansville, Indianapolis, Louisville, or Lexington home? Did you know that ladybugs, while portrayed as ‘cute’ or ‘pretty’ little bugs are a nuisance pest? Lady bugs are one of many common fall pests that will begin their attempts to enter homes as soon as the weather cools down. And not just one or two, but TONS of these little spotted red bugs will try to make their way inside. Once inside, ladybugs are a hard pest to control. They congregate by the dozens to spend the cold winter months safe and warm. For homeowners, this means more than your fair share of ladybugs and the overwhelming task of trying to get rid of them.

The good news is that if you want to skip the ladybug drama altogether, you can!

Our Kentucky pest control professionals at Action Pest Control would like to offer residents in Louisville, Lexington, and surrounding areas a few pest prevention tips to keep ladybugs and fall pests out of the home this year.

  1. Replace window screens that are broken or torn.
  2. Trim back bushes and tree branches, so they are not touching the side of the home.
  3. Seal off any exterior cracks, crevices, or other openings along the foundation.
  4. Seal any gaps around the window frames and door frames. You can even install a door sweep for extra protection from pests and to keep cold weather out!
  5. If you have not already, sign up for year-round home pest control services.

At Action, we offer residents in Kentucky as well as Indiana and Illinois superior home pest control. Our year-round pest control program is the best way to ensure that ladybugs, as well as other fall pests, are not able to enter your home this fall and camp out all winter. Why year-round? Because pests don’t take a break! Ladybugs and common house spiders now mean there is access for ants and other pests later. Stop pests before they strike; give us a call today to sign up for your year-round protection from pests!