Little Pests, Big Problems

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Nobody wants to have mice in their house. It is quite an unpleasant experience to catch a flash of movement on the floor, or discover signs of mice that have gotten into your food. Unfortunately, many people don't realize that mice aren't just frightening or yucky, but are actually quite harmful and even dangerous to have around. The very fact that you've seen a mouse means that you and your house are already at risk, and that a very stubborn infestation could be in your near future.

Mice want to find a warm corner, build a nest, and start a family. And they are very good at it. A single female can have upwards of 10 litters of babies in a year, and those babies grow up to have families of their own in a surprisingly short time. This means that even if you quickly set out traps or poison, you may not be able to keep up with a growing population. Mice are also messy, leaving thousands of pellets behind them in a year, and chewing through items in their path simply to wear down their ever-growing teeth. It's frustrating to find nibbles taken out of your stored items, but it can be a real fire hazard if a mouse decides to chew on your wiring. Even worse than the risk to your property, however, is the risk to your own health. Mice carry disease, and given long enough the spaces they frequent will start to stink. In those fumes bacteria might well exist and can become a danger even to breathe, causing fever and sickness if not dealt with promptly.

What it comes down to is that mice infestations need to be taken very seriously, and dealt with as quickly as possible. Traps may help, but mice can be tricky, and a settled population may call for greater measures. Poison may make a difference, but mice like to explore and don't mind a little chewing to get to a meal, so they may not always go for the easy pickings you leave out. If you're in Louisville and think you may have a mouse problem, giving Action Pest Control a call could save you some serious hassle in trying to eliminate a very frustrating pest. Action Pest Control has been operating in the Louisville area for years, and we know just what to look for when it comes to mice. Our trained professionals can perform a detailed inspection to assess just how bad your mouse problem is, and determine exactly how to remove it. We offer timely attention to your needs, a proven system for rodent control, and faithful follow-up to ensure that there are no recurring issues with pests. Counter the real problem of mice in your home with a real solution, give Action Pest Control a call and let them give you a mouse-free house.

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