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Do I Still Have To Worry About Termites?

two termites crawling on wood

It's pleasant to know that Indianapolis homeowners will have a few months of respite from flies and mosquitoes as the colder months roll in and insects begin battling just to survive. If only we could take a break from worrying about all pests and settle into catching up on our Netflix queue. It's a fact, however, that there is still cause to worry about pests in the winter, and one insect that can do real damage even through the coldest months is the local termite.

Termites feast exclusively on wood and given the time, they can completely devastate a house, causing major property damage that will cost a fortune to repair. Termites love the warm weather and will range far and wide during the summer months to sample what food they can and bring it back to the colony, but even during cold weather, they may still be active to some degree. Indianapolis certainly sees a temperature drop, but termites, especially subterranean termites, are excellent at finding places to live that allow them to keep eating and keep reproducing. With tunnels into your home, they can harvest wood in comfortable warmth, and may possibly move in the whole hive if conditions are favorable.

Termite damage is somewhat slow depending on the size of the colony, but over time they can decimate framing, furniture, and any other wooden structures or objects in their vicinity, even to the point of causing structural damage and creating safety hazards in your home. Termites never sleep and are therefore feeding 24 hours a day, every day. If termites are feeding, then they are reproducing, and over time this huge colony will leave its mark on your home, with sagging floors or ceilings, door and window frames that no longer work properly, and in general wood that is completely wrecked throughout your house.

You don't want to try and deal with termites yourself, be it winter or summer. Their vast populations and the potential distance between their food and their hive can mean you are never actually eliminating the colony, simply its foragers. Your best option for completely ridding your home and property of termites is Action Pest Control. Our five-step termite control program includes a professional termite inspection, a specialized treatment designed to spread through the entire colony, follow-up inspections, and a money-back guarantee and damage warranty. We want winter to be a time where Indianapolis residents can stop worrying about pests like termites, and with Action Pest Control's help, you can do just that.