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How Do Cockroach Infestations Begin?

February 7, 2015


Do you have roaches in your Indianapolis home? Are you wondering how and where it all began? The stigma surrounding cockroaches would have you believe that it is because you have a dirty home. The truth is, anyone can get cockroaches. Here is a list of the many ways cockroaches can get into your Indianapolis home. You might find some of them to be a bit surprising.

  1. Cockroaches are amazing climbers. They crawl across walls at top speeds and can even make their way across ceilings. About the only surface a cockroach can't climb on is one that is perfectly smooth. The barbs on their feet can find a thousand footholds on a piece of sheetrock, but mirror or a piece of glass is smooth enough to give them some trouble.

  2. Some cockroaches can fly. If you open a door or window, it may be enough for one of these insects to get inside. This ability to fly also gives them access to areas of your house that are more vulnerable, like your chimney and roofline.

  3. Baby cockroaches, especially of the German cockroach species, can be small enough to fit through an opening the size of an outlet hole. Full grown roaches can compress their body, slipping through a slit ¼ of an inch.

  4. Cockroach eggs do not require the mother to hatch. If you stepped on a cockroach or walked through roach eggs, you could have brought them into your home on the bottom of your shoe.

  5. This insect is also a known hitchhiker. They can hitch a ride in grocery bags, suitcases, old furniture, and even clothing.

Once they gain access to a home, roaches can reproduce quickly. A single pair of roaches can produce up to 400,000 descendants in a year, under optimal conditions. When you consider that most roaches develop into adults in under 35 days, it doesn't take long for a home to be infested. The only real limiting factor is the availability and quantity of food sources.

It is hard to keep cockroaches out. If you want to be roach free, you need the help of a professional. For Indianapolis roach control call the cockroach exterminators at Action Pest Control. They don't just rid homes of cockroaches, they outline a plan to keep roaches out for good. Set your plan in place today, and stop living with cockroaches in Indianapolis.


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