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Are Pest Birds Becoming A Problem for Your Owensboro Business?

a pigeon walking around

Located in Daviess County, on the southern banks of the Ohio River, Owensboro, Kentucky is the perfect location to establish a business. With medical facilities, industrial companies, and excellent retail offerings around every corner, this city is the nucleus of unending activity in western Kentucky. Great businesses draw in lots of people and sometimes pesky birds. Without pest control in Owensboro, nuisance birds might chase customers away.

Types Of Birds That Plague Owensboro Properties

No matter where business owners establish their businesses, birds are always near. They are fantastic to behold from afar, but when they start making regular visits to your property, they can become a real problem.

Five birds that often plague Owensboro businesses include:

  1. English sparrows
  2. Starlings
  3. Pigeons
  4. Ducks
  5. Geese

Nuisance birds can affect businesses from the air or the ground. When birds start considering your property their property, you need commercial pest control in Owensboro; Action Pest Control can provide expert solutions to all your nuisance bird needs.

All The Problems Pest Birds Can Create For Your Business

Running a business is challenging; the last thing business owners want to deal with this pest bird problems. While many companies expect and are aware of certain types of pests, most never consider needing bird control services. Bird droppings are one big problem property owners face when dealing with birds. Droppings make a mess on property grounds and buildings; they can cause slip-and-fall accidents. They also contaminate surfaces and are acidic; their acidic droppings can be corrosive and damages surfaces and structures. Nests that birds construct also cause drains and gutters to get obstructed, causing water backup and overflow. Chimneys, machinery, and ventilation systems sometimes get blocked with nesting materials, leading to fire and water hazards.

Additionally, birds and nests come with fleas, ticks, and mites, which no business owner wants to introduce to their property. Birds also carry diseases like salmonella, encephalitis, cryptococcosis, and histoplasmosis (droppings). Birds like ducks and geese who roam around properties can disrupt work, distress customers, and sometimes get territorial and chase folks away. Allowing nuisance birds to live and roost on properties carries many problems for property owners. For safe and effective bird control solutions for your Owensboro property, homeowners should seek assistance from a pest and bird expert like Action Pest Control.

Why Birds Are Attracted To Some Businesses More Than Others

Birds in Owensboro have some of the exact basic needs of people: moisture, shelter, and food. Unfortunately for business owners, some buildings and properties are a perfect place for pesky birds to have all their needs met. Birds like to place nests in voids alongside buildings, in chimneys, on ledges, under porches, in warm attics, and on balconies. Food spills, open garbage cans/dumpsters, and bird feeders can attract birds looking for food. Pooling water, clogged gutters, poor drainage, and even bird baths can provide abundant water sources that call birds to your property. An abundance of lush grasses, seeds, and small water areas typically lure geese and duck populations to settle on properties. Because local businesses often have what nuisance birds need to stay hydrated, well-fed, and sheltered, it is good to have bird pest control experts near you. At Action Pest Control, our pest management professionals can quickly spot areas around your property that attract birds and suggest comprehensive bird control solutions to keep them from disrupting your business.

Contact The Bird Control Experts To Protect Your Business Today

Some locations where nuisance birds like to settle can prove dangerous for business owners to try and tackle removal independently. At Action Pest Control, our pest management professionals are highly trained and educated on the best and safest nuisance bird prevention and removal methods. For timely service, excellent customer relations, and effective pest control bird removal, please contact Action Pest Control today to ask for your free pest control estimate and to learn more about our commercial and residential pest control services in Owensboro.