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What To Do About Pigeons Hanging Around Your Owensboro Property

a pigeon in the city

Pest control in Owensboro primarily covers bugs and four-legged creatures. These birds can be highly destructive to Owensboro homes, businesses, and personal belongings. Unfortunately, their risks aren’t limited to property. Many harbor germs that lead to illnesses or communicate diseases directly. Moreover, they may be able to bite, scratch, or sting you. However, insect regulation and local wildlife removal aren’t the only things you should consider. Pest control in Owensboro for birds is just as important.

Bird control in Owensboro is necessary because these fowls can wreak the same amount of havoc as other pests. Pigeons are particularly worrisome. It’s hard to rein them in because of their natural outdoor habitat. Learn how to avoid birds at your Owensboro home and how Action Pest Control can help.

Why Pigeons Love Urban Areas 

Pigeons in Owensboro are reliant on humans for their comfort and survival. Residential and urban zones have many sheltered spots for them to settle around, for example, steeples, posts, and structural voids. That’s one reason why bird control is essential for property owners. In addition, our garbage and left-out food containers provide them with meal material. The fowls prefer grains, but they’ll munch on anything edible. You will see flocks around feed mills, parks, agricultural centers, grain elevators, and bridges.

Pigeons are an estimated 11 inches long, and in terms of weight, they’re about 13 ounces. Most are gray and have white coloring on their backside, but they come in different shades. Black stripes are on their wings, thicker bands decorate their tails, and their two feet are red. “Rock doves” is their alternate name. A wildlife expert will accurately identify pigeons to make sure you receive proper services.

In a year, pigeons have numerous mating periods; however, spring and fall have the most activity. One or two eggs will hatch in roughly two weeks or more. Young will be fed regurgitated material, referred to as “pigeon milk.” 

The Problems Pigeons Can Create Around Your Property

Pest birds like pigeons often bring the following issues:   

  • You can fall into their slippery feces, which can be liquid.  
  • The acid that damages paint and ages buildings are in their excrement. 
  • Their waste facilitates fungal growth.  
  • Toxoplasmosis, histoplasmosis, salmonella, and cryptococcosis are among their diseases.
  • Lice, mites, fleas, and ticks may be in their feathers and hair. 
  • They’ll tear up farms, gardens, fruit trees, and dumpsters. 
  • Fires may occur if they go into dryers and vents. 

A typical professional solution is wildlife trapping. You need advanced interventions to dodge these bird outcomes. 

How To Prevent Pigeons From Roosting On Your Property

Given how prevalent pigeons are around domiciles and establishments, people aren’t as cautious around them as they should be. They’ll eagerly feed the animals or sit and watch them. Since their populations can become overwhelming, you must prioritize animal control for birds in Owensboro and pursue local wildlife removal.

Perform these tasks to discourage the creatures: 

  • Close openings in foundations, rooflines, windows, vents, and dryers. 
  • Reduce standing water by draining swimming pools and drying pet drinking bowls.
  • Get rid of sources of food on the lawn.  
  • Use canisters with airtight lids for trash storage. 
  • Never feed birds; eliminate their incentive to return. 
  • Add covers to all exterior louvers and vents. 

The Most Effective Pest Bird Control For Owensboro Properties

Retail wildlife trapping products and “do it yourself” items for birds are ineffective against large-scale infestations. They aren’t worth their steep price-tags or hazards. Our industrial-grade wildlife management approaches at Action Pest Control are safe and affordable. Some of our options include netting, exclusion installations, nest removal, roost decontamination, and more. The wildlife experts on our staff are highly-trained. Call us today for a free inspection, and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Owensboro.