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Jasper, IN Homeowners' Handy Guide To Effective Cricket Control

a cricket in a home

House crickets are a common cricket species you might come across in Jasper, Indiana. They are yellowish-brown and have three dark bands on their head and range from 16-22 mm long. House crickets, like other species, have six legs, antennae, and wings, and although they can fly, they rarely do. The first and most apparent sign of crickets is their iconic chirping noise, also known as singing. They do this by rubbing their wings together. Most people don't think much about crickets unless they become a problem or their chirping is constant and annoying.

However, in certain cultures, crickets are considered a delicacy and are even covered in chocolate and enjoyed. But eating crickets is probably the last thing on your mind when you have an infestation on your property. More likely, you are worried about the dangers of crickets and what has attracted them to your home in the first place.

Dangers Of Crickets

For the most part, crickets are a nuisance, and people don't often think of them as destructive or even dangerous, but the truth is they can be. The following are some ways that they can be a problem on your property.

  • Most people might not know that crickets can bite, but they can, and it's rare. Crickets aren't able to break the skin. However, their saliva and waste can transfer parasites such as E. coli and salmonella. If you contact cricket feces, you might develop sores or a painful rash on your skin.
  • Crickets can feed on fabrics such as wool, cotton, silk, and linen. If inside your home, they can chew holes in clothing, furniture, and other belongings. Although this is not necessarily dangerous, it can cause you stress and frustration as well as money.
  • We've mentioned chirping already, but not how it can affect people. The noise created by crickets can keep people up at night, causing them to lose sleep, which can cause other problems and health concerns.

Luckily when it comes to crickets, they are easy to prevent from coming into your home by eliminating the factors attracting them.

What Attracts Crickets

Although some cultures believe crickets in the home are lucky, we are betting if you are reading this, you don't think the same and don't want them in your house. By reducing and eliminating the factors that attract crickets onto your property, you can effectively keep them from becoming a problem. Try the following:

  • Crickets are nocturnal and are attracted to bright lights, so you should keep lights dimmed or off at night. 
  • They can get in through doors, windows, and spaces between frames. To keep this from happening, seal any drafty spaces on door or window frames, make sure screens don't have holes in them, and be mindful of how often doors and windows are open, especially when the weather is cool. 
  • Crickets can also get in through cracks and holes in the foundation and siding, so you should inspect them and ensure everything is sealed.
  • These insects live in cool, dark, and damp places, which is a reason to make sure there are no moisture issues in your home.

If you have taken care of the factors above but are still dealing with crickets or just want to know more about them, you should consider contacting the cricket control experts for assistance. 

Professional Cricket Control

For more information and advice about crickets, contact the professionals at Action Pest Control. Our team of trained technicians can assist you in excluding and preventing crickets on your Jasper, IN property. Call us today to find out more about the home pest control services we offer at Action Pest Control.