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All The Ways You Could Be Wrong About Mosquitoes In Indianapolis, IN

a mosquito biting someone in the dark

There are many types of mosquitoes in the area, but the most common in Indianapolis is the Asian Tiger Mosquito, which has a distinct band of white or silver down its thorax. But no matter the species, no one wants to deal with mosquitoes.

You might know that mosquitoes bite, and when they do, they leave an itchy bite. You might also know they are known as the deadliest animals, but you might not know that not all mosquitoes bite and carry diseases. Below are the facts you should know about these insects.

Myths And Facts About Mosquitoes

Even if you've lived in an area with mosquitoes your whole life, you probably don't know everything there is to know about them. Often we are told one of the common misconceptions listed below, and you don't think about it twice, but you should! If you are armed with the facts about mosquitoes, you will better protect yourself against them.

  • Myth: All mosquitoes bite.
  • Fact: It is a common misconception that all mosquitoes, male and female, bite, but this isn't the case. Only female mosquitoes bite because they require proteins found in blood to reproduce. In comparison, male mosquitoes feed on sweet liquids such as flower nectar. There are also many species of mosquitoes that don't bite people. 
  • Myth: People with fair skin are more likely to be bitten.
  • Fact: People with fair skin tend to have a more obvious reaction making it seem like they get bitten more, but it is not EPA-approved. However, some people might be more susceptible to mosquito bites if they are pregnant, have O-type blood, sweat more, or produce more CO2. Plus, mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors, so it is good to wear light colors while outside.
  • Myth: All mosquitoes carry diseases.
  • Fact: The truth is only a small percentage of mosquitoes in the world harbor dangerous diseases. And an even smaller percentage of mosquitoes in the United States carry them. These diseases include malaria, Zika, West Nile virus, dengue, chikungunya, and more.
  • Myth: Attracting bats to your property is an effective way to reduce mosquito populations.
  • Fact: Mosquitoes make up a small percentage of a bat's diet as they prefer beetles, cicadas, and moths. However, allowing natural predators such as bats, mosquitoes, and spiders in your yard can help reduce mosquito populations if used with other effective control methods. 
  • Myth: You can control mosquitoes on your own using store-bought products.
  • Fact: The best way to keep mosquito populations on your property down is with assistance from mosquito experts. Although store-bought products like sprays and candles keep mosquitoes away for a short time, they won't reduce populations.

If you live in Indianapolis and are tired of dealing with mosquitoes on your property, you should contact the professionals at Action Pest Control. Our team of trained technicians can help reduce populations in your yard, keeping you and your family safe from these dangerous pests.

With Action Pest Control, we will get to the root of the problem instead of just spraying to keep the mosquitoes away for short amounts of time. Our mosquito control program includes a complete inspection that finds breeding sites and EPA-approved products for treatment. We also offer one-time mosquito services for outdoor events and encourage all our customers to work with neighbors to reduce mosquitoes in the community.