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Is Fumigation A Good Idea For My Owensboro, KY Business?

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You've probably heard of fumigation and know it as the treatment that turns a building into a circus tent look alike, but the process is much more complex than just wrapping a property. Depending on the property and the infestation, fumigation might be the best option. For example, stored pest products are best handled using fumigation to achieve the desired results.

The following are types of businesses that may benefit from fumigation:

  • Lumber exports
  • Food and pharmaceutical plants
  • Grain bins, seed processors, and feed manufacturers
  • Flour mills
  • Packaging and warehouse facilities
  • Properties that use barges, tractor-trailers, railcars, and other shipping containers
  • Residential complexes
  • Properties that house museum collections, furniture, and antiquities
  • Facilities that handle commodities such as tobacco, corn, rice, soybeans, wheat, and more

If you are an Owensboro business owner and are considering fumigation for a pest problem, keep reading to learn more about the treatment process.

Why Fumigation?

As stated above, certain pests, particularly those that are difficult to get rid of, are better off being dealt with by using fumigation instead of other types of treatment. These pests include Indian meal moths, grain or flour beetles, rodents, bedbugs, and spiders.

Fumigation can benefit many properties because it takes care of the pest at all stages, from eggs to adults, while other processes require multiple treatments to get every stage. Plus, when treating a property using fumigation, you don't have to worry about damaged equipment and technology.

Now you know why fumigation is a good option for many properties, but how does it work? Below you will find out!

How Does Fumigation Work

You're probably wondering what happens underneath the tented building and if it is safe. The answer to the latter is simple; when done correctly with trained technicians, it is a safe process. The answer to the former is a bit more complex. The fumigation process goes as such:

  • Identify the size and type of infestation and if traditional pest control solutions won't be effective.
  • If you are moving forward with fumigation, you will have to remove anything that can be affected by the process, such as perishable foods or ingestible products not stored in air-tight containers.
  • Once products and people are removed from the property, a tent will be placed around the property's exterior. The tent is to ensure that no gasses escape the process.
  • The tented structure is filled with pesticides, which will sit for an allotted time to eliminate all pests inside.
  • After fumigation is completed, the property will be vented to remove any toxic substances. Air tests will also be performed to ensure the property is safe for people to enter again.

You can't fumigate your commercial property yourself, which is why you need to find a reliable pest control company to perform the service for you. Look no further than here; Action Pest Control is the right choice for your Owensboro business. 

Who To Call For Fumigation Services

Action Pest Control performs efficient and reliable fumigation services to make sure your business is pest-free. We utilize sulfur fluoride to fumigate post-harvest products and other facilities, so you don't have to worry about your product. Our fumigation process is highly effective and is tailored to meet your needs by our experienced and skilled technicians.

We understand how important your commercial property is to your living, so you can count on us to communicate during every step of the process. Don't let a pest infestation impact your Owensboro business. Contact the experts at Action Pest Control to start with a free fumigation consultation and the services you need to protect your business.