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Owensboro's Complete Guide To Indian Meal Moth Prevention

indian meal moth in a house

We all value the storage space afforded to us by our household pantries. Nothing is worse than opening up a bag of flour to make a batch of cookies only to discover that it's contaminated by the larvae of one of the most annoying flying household pests - the Indian meal moth.

Fortunately, this guide will provide everything you need to know about this common Owensboro pest

What Do Indian Meal Moths Look Like?

Also known as pantry moths, Indian meal moths are commonly found in or near pantries. The larvae of these pests in Owensboro eat grain and cereal, which means your pantry is a buffet for them. If you see a moth flying around near your pantry, it's likely an Indian meal moth. As adults, they have bronze and tan wings. They don't do much damage at this stage, though. The damage occurs when they lay eggs and when those eggs hatch.

Typically, Indian meal moths lay their eggs in or near dried foods. You probably can't see the eggs, but you will be able to see the moth larvae. They measure approximately 1/2 of an inch in length and are an off-white color. At times, the larvae have pink or green coloration.

If you're checking for larvae, look in the corners of your dried food. They prefer corners and can chew through your plastic bags or cardboard boxes. In addition to looking for larvae themselves, you should also look for the silk webs that they make.

What's So Bad About Indian Meal Moths?

Indian meal moths in Owensboro are a nuisance that, if left to their own devices, will destroy all of the dry goods in your pantry. Although Indian meal moths won't cause a serious medical reaction, they contaminate your food with their silk webs and larvae. You and your family don't want to ingest these insects forcing you to discard the contents of your pantry.

Indian meal moths are also annoying. Once larvae chew their way through packaging, they fly around your pantry and kitchen. If you don't want to be swatting away moths, you should do your best to keep them out of your home.

Indian Meal Moth Prevention

Pantry pest control in your Owensboro home may seem impossible, but there are some preventative measures you can take to keep them away.

  • Practice proper food storage: Open food is an invitation for Indian meal moths. To keep them out, store your food properly. Instead of keeping your cereal in the original bag and thin box, pour it into a plastic or glass container with a lid.
  • Inspect your food first: It's common for moth infestations to begin at the grocery store or in food manufacturing plants. For this reason, be sure to check your food before you bring it into your home.
  • Freeze food if you suspect contamination: If you can't check inside the packaging, freeze the box or bag before you place it in your pantry. Keep in mind that moth eggs are small, and larvae may be hiding. When freezing your food, do so for at least one full week. Otherwise, the moth eggs could survive and hatch into larvae.
  • Use herbs as a deterrent: To help deter a pantry pest problem, consider using herbs such as bay leaves and mint. Some believe that these natural remedies keep pantry moths away, however, they aren't 100% effective. This alone isn't enough for pest prevention.
  • Clean your pantry: Whenever you do a deep clean of your home, include your pantry on your to-do list. If there are grains of rice and pasta on your shelves, Indian meal moths will come around.

Work With An Expert

If you're finding Indian meal moths in your Owensboro home, it's best to contact an expert. Our technicians at Action Pest Control will inspect your home, determine the source of your Indian meal moth problem, and come up with a plan for elimination. We will get rid of Indian meal moths at any stage of the life cycle. To speak with a home pest control professional and learn more about our services, reach out to us today.

Whether you're dealing with Indian meal moths or other household pests in your Owensboro home, the experts at Action Pest Control can help!