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How Does Fumigation Of My Owensboro Property Work?

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When it comes to pest control in Owensboro for both businesses and residences, we here at Action Pest Control pride ourselves on offering effective, affordable, and safe solutions for all of your pest control needs. We always strive to use solutions that have a minimal effect on your day-to-day life as to not interfere with what you need to do. Unfortunately, there are just some infestations that call for a more impactful approach. Whether it’s because the pests infesting the property are hard to remove, or because the infestation has grown too large for more traditional methods, there are just some infestations that require more. We offer fumigation services for structures and containers because sometimes you need that extra punch to effectively eliminate pests from a property.

What Is Fumigation Pest Control?

Fumigation is a highly-effective pest control option. Although it is never our first choice, when pests like termites, bed bugs, moths, grain and flour beetles, rodents, and spiders are particularly hard to get rid of, fumigation acts as a reliable method for ensuring all pests within a structure are taken care of. Companies that we offer fumigation services for include lumber exporters, food and pharmaceutical plants, grain bins, seed processors, flour mills, packaging and warehouse facilities, residential structures, museums, commodities, and single-family homes. 

Odds are you’ve probably seen a home or business undergoing fumigation. They will typically have a large tent draped over the exterior of the structure. If you didn’t know better, it might even look like a circus tent. However, while effective, fumigation is nothing to be flip about as it can be dangerous if handled incorrectly.

Is Fumigation Dangerous?

The fumigation process is very complex and involves filling tented-in structures with harmful pesticides in order to eliminate any pests that might be living within the structure. While this is very effective in terms of pest control, pesticides are also harmful to humans. That’s why you should never venture into a structure that is undergoing fumigation. This can result in serious health issues, including death. 

Because the fumigation process can be dangerous, we here at Action Pest Control are dedicated to performing effective fumigation while taking all precautions at every step to ensure safety for our team and surrounding structures and to limit the risk and liability for our clients. 

What Is The Fumigation Process?

The fumigation process begins with identifying an infestation that is too large or involves particularly finicky pests that traditional pest control solutions will not be effective in removing. Following the decision to use fumigation to address the issue, the property owner will then set about removing anything from the property that can be affected by the process. This includes perishable items such as food, drugs, medicines, or any other products that you might ingest that are not stored in airtight containers or adequately packaged. Following this, the property owners or any residents or other people will vacate the property. Once the property or structure is devoid of people, a tent will place around the exterior of the property to ensure none of the pesticides escape. After this, the tented-in property is filled with pesticides in order to eliminate any pests living within. This is allowed to sit for some time in order to ensure its effectiveness. Once the fumigation is completed, the structure will be safely vented, removing any toxic substances from within. This step is done in congruence with air tests to ensure the property is once again safe to enter. 

For More Info On Fumigation

If you are dealing with pests on your property, and you think fumigation might right for you, contact us here at Action Pest Control right away. Our fumigation process is designed to be as effective as possible while minimizing risks so that you can rest assured your property is in good hands and will be pest-free when the process is complete. Give us a call today to learn more.