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Jasper's Helpful Guide To Norway Rats

a norway rat in a basement

Of the many insects and other creatures that worry and frighten people, rats would probably top the list. They are triple the size of the average bug, have sharp teeth, and bite if provoked. Also, you can't kill them with a flick of the wrist. They aren't easy to defeat at all. Several families have rats or mice as pets, but that's a choice, and they have the ability to control the situation. Jasper home and business owners certainly don't want rats entering uninvited. These pests can tear up your property and spread diseases.

The Norway rat, also called the brown rat, is known for penetrating interior spaces. They've been a problem for humans for eons. It might be uncomfortable to do so, but studying up on these animals will give you the tools you need for prevention and control. Learn what Action Pest Control can do for you with our effective pest control services in Jasper.

The Appearance, Behavior, & Risks of Norway Rats

Norway rats are sizable, having up to 15 inch long bodies and tails. Their fur is gray or brown, and very shaggy. By making burrows in the ground, they wreck lawns and create passages throughout properties. If a yard has a garden or is overgrown with tall grass and unkempt shrubbery, these animals will likely appear. Once they reach the exterior of your home or business, they'll chew a hole to gain entrance, and their flexible frames permit them to crawl through gaps a half an inch round or less. Typical entryways are cracks around foundations, doors, vents, utilities, and crawlspaces. These critters will have an impact on fragile buildings with poor maintenance.

Rodents, like Norway rats, have teeth that are continually growing. Rats will gnaw on anything available, particularly walls and wires, to keep their fangs filed. Should they get to cords, an electrical fire could ensue. As they scamper about, they release urine and feces containing harmful bacteria. This bacteria leads to food contamination and the tainting of surfaces. Salmonella and trichinosis are just a couple of the illnesses humans can contract from these pests. They also carry parasites in their fur that can lead to more problems.

Signs of a Norway rat infestation in your Jasper home include:

  • Finding small droppings that look like capsules 
  • Seeing bite marks on furniture, foundations, and wiring
  • Spotting grease stains along walls
  • Finding burrows in your yard 
  • Seeing these nocturnal creatures during the day

Similar to other rodents, Norway rats gravitate to dark, moist, and quiet areas. They tend to hide and fester in storage rooms, attics, and basements.

Preventive Measures for Norway Rats

Norway rats multiply at a rapid rate. With this in mind, you have to be proactive about deterring tactics. Perform the following tasks:

  • Put all food and garbage in canisters with tight lids. 
  • Repair any utility cracks, moisture issues, or leaks.
  • Voids around doors, windows, walls, and vents need to be sealed and filled. 
  • Maintain your lawn and greenery. Push plants and flowers back a few feet from your structure. 
  • Cut down on clutter, and keep storage units neat.

Action Pest Control Norway Rat Extermination 

Norway rats are pervasive, and they live in hard to reach places, making independent extermination nearly impossible for residents. Retail pesticides and "do it yourself" methods often have short-term effects. Further, handling rodents and their waste is a hazard. Contact Action Pest Control for safe and effective elimination with rodent control in Jasper.

We'll use species-specific treatments that don't involve chemicals; traps, and baits may be in the mix if required. We'll also manage rat entryways. Our team will routinely check-in and visit to ensure continued relief. You can have confidence in Action Pest Control, as we are members of industry organizations. Reach out today to get a free inspection and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Jasper.