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Three Easy Tips To A Bug-Free Lexington Tailgate Party

mosquitoes in the summer

The problem with being outdoors is dealing with insects and creatures. There are plenty of species, especially flying ones, that will relentlessly swarm around you when you're trying to be festive. They will repeatedly try to land on your food too. Not only is this annoying, but it can present dangers. Use these three tips to protect yourself and your tailgate party, and engage the help of Action Pest Control.

Tip #1 Set Your Lawn Up Right

Buzzing critters like bees, wasps, and mosquitoes search yards for organic matter, nectar, water, insects, and food material. These items are what they nest in or feed on to survive. You can make your property less attractive to these pests if you trim your grass and greenery regularly. Plants, flowers, and gardens should be at least two feet away from the house to avoid indoor invasions. Remove debris from the lawn. Clean all vents and gutters. After you finish getting the area tidy, you can spray an insecticide on the land. If the tailgate party is going to be elsewhere, make sure the elements above are in place.

Important facts about mosquitoes, bees, and wasps are:

  • Mosquitoes: They're called the most lethal bugs on earth because they can transmit harmful diseases. They go from animals to humans, sucking blood. Standing water assists in their breeding and longevity, so choose a tailgating location that isn't close to a river, stream, or similar. If the party is on your property, drain kiddie pools and pet drinking bowls.
  • Bees and Wasps: The results of a bee or wasp sting can vary. In some cases, localized pain, redness, and swelling is the worst of it. In others, severe bodily or allergic reactions could occur. Beware of nests, and don't try to dismantle them yourself. Call professionals.

Tip #2 Store Food & Garbage Properly 

Keeping an area neat during a gathering can be challenging, but it's a must. Abandoned or leftover food must be discarded or put away. Appropriately cover meals that you're serving. If items are sitting in the open, they will attract critters. Should they crawl or land on the cuisine, it could pose a health threat. Haul off any garbage. Many species, such as flies, thrive near and forage through it. Use containers with airtight lids for all food and trash.

Here's what you should know about flies:

  • Flies: These creatures gravitate to dirt, feces, and filth. Subsequently, they flutter about with bacteria and fungi. They can taint water, meals, and surfaces. Humans and pets could contract viruses, infections, food poisoning, and conditions like cholera.

Tip #3 Prepare by Contacting Action Pest Control

Here at Action Pest Control, we have the custom treatments and tools to exterminate or block outdoor nuisances in Lexington. Before you get to tailgating, call us. We'll perform a thorough inspection and remedy trouble spots. Our products are safe for you and your pets, but not for the bugs. Further, they will do no damage to your landscaping. You have the option of a one-time visit, but affordable subscription plans are available. We have multiple industry awards because our work is detailed and top-notch. Get a free inspection today!