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Mitigating Indianapolis Mice Problems

a house mouse in a home

Hearing scampering sounds in the attic and walls, spotting gnaw marks on doors and cabinets, and catching mysterious odors wafting about the house is more than just a bad dream: it might be reality. 

Mouse infestations can be dangerous to homeowners, especially if it’s one that has gone undiscovered for a long period of time. Mice are notorious for their disease-spreading habits. They can spread strains of bacteria and serious illnesses such as hantavirus. Even long after they’re gone, the urine and fecal matter of these rodents have the potential to infect homeowners who try to clean up the mess. Mice are also known to carry parasites such as lice, mites, ticks and fleas. These come with their own set of dangers and can move onto pets in the home. Finally, mice cause significant destruction to property by chewing wires, wood, plastic, and anything else they come in contact with. 

Prevention And Protection 

Rodents tend to establish themselves quietly, which is why having a rodent protection plan in place before they come sniffing around your home is imperative. The cooler it becomes outside, the more interested mice will be in settling down in a warm, cozy home. Some ways to combat this behavior include:

  • Checking outbuildings such as garages, barns, and sheds for signs of rodent activity.
  • Using a dehumidifier in places that tend to accumulate moisture. For persistent leaks or drips, contact a local handyman for repairs. 
  • Keeping food items securely stored in reliable containers and kept out of the open air. 
  • Sealing any cracks, tears, crevices, and any other entry points that lead into the home.

If you locate mice around your property, it isn’t wise to attempt to remove them on your own. For help with inspections or rodent extraction, speak with a certified pest professional.

Spring Into Action 

Mice don’t need much of a  reason to move into a home, especially as the weather starts cooling down for the year. While there are many DIY methods for getting mice out of a house, they can be costly and time-consuming, and they don't always work. Once these furry rodents become established, they can be very difficult to remove without professional help. For mice control that delivers the results you need, contact the professionals at Action Pest Control. 

Our world-class pest control methods were specifically designed with you in mind, providing a pest-free home with safe and ecologically sound techniques. To schedule your free home inspection, reach out to one of our friendly team members and get started on a pest control plan today.