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Putting An End To Lexington Cockroach Infestations

cockroach infestations

Sneaking across floors and counters in the dead of night, these dangerous Kentucky invaders are on the prowl, no matter what the season. 

American, German, and Oriental cockroaches are common in the Lexington area. They have compact bodies and opaque, folded wings. Measuring anywhere from 5/8 of an inch to over two inches long, these bugs are notorious Kentucky locals that thrive on filth. Most species of cockroach are nocturnal, so late-night inspections might be your only chance at spotting them. Like many other nuisance home pests, if you see just one, there are certainly more hiding nearby. 

Cockroach infestations can pose dangerous situations. Filled with all manner of bacteria and disease, these prolific creatures can spread strains of bacteria simply by crawling over surfaces. Infestations can significantly lower property values and make a home difficult to sell, necessitating immediate cockroach treatments.

Love It Or List It – Cockroach Edition 

Contrary to popular belief, cockroaches are not only attracted to dirty or run-down homes. There is a wide variety of factors that make homes more attractive to these bugs.

  • Areas with high humidity levels are very conducive to cockroach-breeding patterns. 
  • Food that is highly accessible is a big plus for these bugs. Even dirty recyclables have enough of a scent to bring cockroach scouts into the home. 
  • Any openings into the home such as cracks or rips will provide a safe shelter for these creatures, especially during the cooler seasons.

Preventing cockroaches from entering the home can be as simple as ABC:

  • Assess the moisture spots around the home. Run dehumidifiers and/or fans in problem areas that could use some drying out. 
  • Brush counter tops, floors, and other surfaces after eating to remove food sources for roaches.
  • Close up cracks, rips, and tears around the home as soon as you spot them. 

When all preventative measures fail, a reliable home pest control operative will be needed to assess the next steps.

Action Crushes The Creepy Crawlies 

Many homeowners might be tempted to try to crush creepy crawly cockroaches themselves with some store-bought pesticides. However, it’s important to note that over-the-counter roach sprays can be unsafe for use around the home. Young children, pets, and the elderly are more susceptible to health issues through the use of these sprays, which are often messy and less than effective against cockroaches with their protective shells. 

For effective cockroach control done with you and your family in mind, contact the pros at Action Pest Control. Regain your safety, peace of mind, and a pest-free home with a single Action.