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Treating Termites In Louisville Is Trickier Than You May Think

termite damage in a home

In our Kentucky service area, termites can be a year-round concern if they are able to find the right conditions. All they need is temperatures of 50 degrees or higher. This is one of the many reasons termite protection should be year-round. Let's take a look at what is required to protect your Louisville home year-round from these destructive insects.
It can be tricky protecting a property from termites, especially the termites that we deal with in Louisville. Our termites are subterranean termites. When they're not hiding in the ground, they're hiding inside the walls of homes and businesses. This is because worker termites have a strong aversion to light and skins that are easily dried out by the air. These two characteristics cause them to keep themselves sealed inside their tunnels all day, every day.

DIY Termite Control

While there are many ways you can resist subterranean termites, controlling termites is best left to the professionals. Why? The biggest reason is that you won't know when your termite control fails. You're not going to hear them chewing on your home. Each bite they take is so quiet you wouldn't be able to hear the sound if you put your ear right to the wall. A licensed professional knows how to evaluate a property for the threat of termites and how to use products like the Sentricon System with Always Active to make detection easier.

Professional Termite Control

When a professional installs termite protection around your home, he will use one of two products. It will be a bait solution, like Sentricon, or it will be a liquid termiticide treatment. If termiticide is used, it is often a product from Termidor, the most trusted brand in the United States. The Sentricon System can only be installed by a Certified Sentricon Installer, and Termidor is an extremely difficult product to properly install. Termidor must be injected into the ground all the way around a structure. If done incorrectly, it can leave a path for worker termites to find a way in.

Many home pest control companies only offer one or the other termite control solution. At Action Pest Control, we offer both options for our customers. If you have not yet invested in termite control for your Louisville property, reach out to us today. We are standing by to assist you with this essential protection for your property.