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How To Start Your Summer Right With Fumigation Through Action Pest Control

flying termites

Experienced technicians will tell you that there is no "one size fits all" approach to eradicating insects. Some insects are tough to get rid of without taking drastic measures. Fumigation is an excellent choice for treating fast-breeding insects, as it affects the entire colony. It’s also useful for handling large buildings with one application.

Common Summer Pests That Fumigation Is Useful For Treating

Fumigation works best against burrowing insects, such as termites, beetles, weevils, and moth larva. Termites, in particular, are deep burrowers; given the opportunity, they will chew through drywall, sub-flooring, and into lumber. Once termites have infiltrated the structure's framing, they will then dig channels. These complex tunnels are almost impossible to treat in their entirety. Topical insecticide applications will not be able to penetrate all affected areas. 

To eradicate fast-breeding insects, like termites, the treatment used must be thorough. Fumigation enables tiny particulates of the insecticide to reach deep within their burrows. Small gaps and holes in your building allow the solution to be most effective. 

Fumigation is also the best choice for property owners who are dealing with bed bugs. Bed bugs often infest carpets, ventilation systems, and other tight spaces. While you can remove rugs and flooring, this is often not enough to prevent a repeat infestation. Ventilation systems can be very difficult for technicians to treat with topical solutions and, due to the small size and tenacity of bed bugs, they can live in cracks and crevices for more than a month, only to emerge after a traditional application of insecticide is applied. Fumigation allows the solution to reach even concealed pests. 

Why Get Your Home Fumigated Now?           

No one wants to spend their summer worrying about insects. Fumigation is a reliable and fast-acting solution to the problem. In most cases, you’ll only need one treatment - meaning you can quickly return to business as usual.

How To Know When Fumigation Is Right For You

Fumigation is an excellent solution for property owners who need results quickly. It is also a great option for those unwilling to part with their possessions. Traditionally, professionals recommend reducing the number of items in your home during treatments. For those with significant collections, antiques, or other hard to move objects, this is just not feasible.  Likewise, those with large amounts of building materials or shipping containers on site may wish to opt for fumigation. Fumigating is also a viable option for storage warehouses because you can treat large areas at once. Call Action Pest Control today to speak with one of our trained professionals. We will work with you to devise a home pest control treatment plan that best fits your individual needs.