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How Do I Know If Fumigation Is Right for Me?

ants in a home

A pest infestation in your home or business causes a lot of stress. Knowing pests are present is bad enough, add in deciding the best way to eliminate the problem and you may be left with more questions than answers.

Fumigation is one pest control option that many pest control companies offer, but it’s not always the best option. If you’re considering using fumigation to treat a pest infestation, here are a few questions to consider.

Is Fumigation Safe?

Tenting your home or business and filling it with the gas used during the fumigation process can seem a little scary. You may wonder if the process is safe for your family, customers, and belongings.

Yes, the process is safe. Gases don’t work like chemicals and pesticides. They dissipate instead of settling onto everything inside the building. This means, once the fumigation process is over, you won't need to worry about any after-effects.

Which Situations Are Best Treated By Fumigation?

For termites that exist only outside your home, a preventative treatment is the best choice.

However, In Certain Situations, You May Choose Fumigation:

  • In sensitive environments or industrial settings with wide-scale infestations
  • Infestation of hard-to-reach spaces
  • Many areas of infestation

Which Pests Are Best Treated By Fumigation?

For an infestation in its early stages, other treatment options may work. Infestations that have grown very large often do require fumigation.

If a termite infestation is out of hand, choose fumigation.

For getting rid of pantry pests that infest food supplies in industrial buildings, fumigation is usually the right choice. This method eliminates the problem without destroying all the food.

However, bed bugs are typically best eliminated through heat treatments, making fumigation unnecessary.

Can Fumigation Only Be Done During Certain Times Of The Year?

Fumigation is always an option no matter the season. Fumigation can be done on a small or large scale. Talk to a pest control specialist at Action Pest Control to learn how your particular circumstance can be addressed.

How Do I Set Up A Time For A Fumigation?

Give Action Pest Control a call to determine which method is appropriate for your pest problem. We will answer your questions, assess your unique situation, and suggest the best course of action. Our recommendation may include fumigation or one of our other pest control options.

Regardless of your pest problem, Action takes care of it effectively and with your comfort in mind.