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How Fumigation Works

ants in a home

Are you dealing with a frustrating and invasive pest problem? Is it the kind of problem that you look at and wonder how you are ever going to get rid of those bugs? If so, fumigation may be the solution you're looking for. Fumigation is perfect for pests that hide inside things. Have Indian meal moths infested your food? That is no problem for a fumigation. Do you suspect wood-boring insects are eating away at the antiques in your showroom? Fumigation can take care of that. Do you have bed bugs deep in your walls? Fumigation can get to them. This is a pest control method that works on a single piece of furniture or an entire food processing plant. Here's how it works.

There are gases that work to eradicate bugs. When these gases are properly controlled and used to target specific pests, they can be used to quickly and effectively arrest almost any pest infestation. Professional pest control technicians use tents to seal these gases into the locations being treated and follow strict safety guidelines to make sure those gases stay where they are supposed to be. These gases leave no chemical residue, and quickly dissipate after the service is complete.

Fumigation is so gentle, it can be used to treat post-harvest products, like wheat, soybeans, and corn, or be used in sensitive environments like those found in a pharmaceutical plant or food processing plant.

At Action Pest Control, we customize fumigation services to directly target the pest pressures we find. You'll always get the appropriate treatment based on your unique pest control needs. No matter how big or small, our fumigation team will guide you toward the fumigation service that will work best to solve your problem.

When you take action and get Action, you're hiring a pest control company with a long track record of implementing fumigation services. We have provided fumigation for some of the nation's leading pharmaceutical plants. We have treated food processing plants, feed manufacturers, seed processors, flour mills, packaging warehouses, museums, residential structures, and even single-family homes. Our team has treated furniture, antiquities, barges, grain bins, shipping containers, rail cars, and many commodities, such as tobacco, rice, corn, soybeans, and wheat.

To learn more about fumigation, set up a free inspection, or to schedule service, reach out to us today. Fumigation may just be the solution you've been looking for. If it is, we'll help you figure out which fumigation service will work best to resolve your issue quickly and effectively.