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How Can I Tell If My Lexington Home Is At Risk For Spider Problems?

a brown recluse spider up close

All homes have the potential to attract and host spider infestations. Unlike other pest insects, like cluster flies, spiders in Lexington are a year-round nuisance because they overwinter in dark corners of the home and eat a wide variety of insects. Some of the most common spiders that you may find in your home are house spiders, brown recluses, and black widow spiders. 

Spider infestations in KY and factors that lead to spider problems

While spiders are a year-round pest, there are seasons in which their numbers seem to spike due to the availability of smaller insects they feed on throughout the year. When insects are plentiful outdoors during the spring and summer, spiders will generally remain outside. Prey insects, such as mosquitoes, die off as the weather cools in the Fall; this, in turn, encourages spiders to move indoors to find more accessible food sources. They often congregate in damp areas of the home that continue to harbor insects, such as earwigs.

Signs of infestation

One of the most obvious signs that your home has a spider problem is the presence of webs. A professional will be able to tell, by the type of webbing, which kind of spider is in your home.  Other signs include egg sacs anchored in corners of closets or drawers, as well as doorways. Boluses, or the remains of insects eaten by spiders, may be found near webbing. Finally, you may see the spider itself. Look carefully in enclosed areas, such as basements, crawl spaces, and closets.

What are the potential factors that could attract spiders?

The first attractant for spiders is the presence of smaller pest insects on which they feed. If your lawn or home has large populations of insects, such as flies, gnats, or beetles, spiders will not be far behind.  Wood, brush piles, or tall weeds may encourage spiders to take up residence in your lawn. If this clutter is close to your home, it may prompt spiders to move inside.

Why call Action ASAP for spiders of all shapes and sizes?

Differentiating between poisonous and harmless spiders can be difficult for a novice. If you suspect that you have a spider infestation, it's best to call a professional to assess the situation. A trained technician will quickly be able to determine if the spiders in your home are dangerous. Correct spider identification will help determine the type of home pest control needed. To eliminate spider infestations in your home, call Action Pest Control today!