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The Best Way To Protect Your Indianapolis Home From Summer Mosquitoes

a hungry mosquito on a person

This is the time of year when mosquitoes in Indianapolis are most active. They bite us when we go for a hike. They bite us when we ride on a bike. They bite us in the yard. They bite us really hard. Before this turns into a Dr. Seuss story, let's talk about ways you can get control of those summer mosquitoes around your Indianapolis home.

There are many mosquito prevention tips out there, but let's be honest - most of them aren't that good. Bathing yourself in mosquito repellent every time you go out into your backyard just isn't a solution. Placing torches around your yard or burning coils that put off noxious gases isn't a solution either. Planting mosquito-resistant plants can help a little when placed in the right locations, but they don't even come close to controlling insects. These strategies just don't work.

Then, of course, there are all the things you can avoid doing that could reduce your chances of being bitten in your backyard, things like:

  • Don't go out in the morning or evening when mosquitoes are most active.
  • Don't drink alcohol outside.
  • Don't sweat.
  • Don't raise your skin temperature.
  • Don't breathe.

Mosquitoes are attracted to alcohol, moisture, warm skin, and carbon dioxide, but even if you could control these attractants, some mosquitoes will be attracted to you simply because of your chemical scent.

So, what does work to control mosquitoes?

There are some ironclad ways to prevent mosquitoes, like wearing clothing that contains mosquito netting, and wearing a hood when you mow your lawn or hang out by the pool; however, these are super inconvenient. You could create a screened-in structure around your pool or over your entire yard, but that would be super expensive. The best way to control mosquitoes in your yard is to hire a professional. When you have routine visits from a pest control provider, strategic locations in your yard will get a light dose of residual pest control product that is designed to target simple organisms like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. With this product in place, your landscaping becomes a giant mosquito trap! You can't get mosquito control that is any more effective than that.

If you've never tried mosquito reduction service, give it a shot. Our customers come back year after year because our seasonal mosquito control works. When mosquitoes bite you in your yard, take action and call Action!