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Why Professional Bat And Bird Control Is So Important In Winter Time

a creepy bat up close

What do you associate birds with when it comes to winter time? Migration right? We have all watched the documentaries in school, or read in books that when the weather gets cooler birds head south - or so we may think. In reality, though many birds do head south for the winter, quite a few stay put. It is those birds we should be worried about as the temperatures drop.

Where Do Bats Go When It Gets Cold?

Bats are similar to birds, in that they will invade your business for warmth. However, they do not generally remain active during the winter months. Instead, they hibernate until the warmth of spring returns. While birds fly in an out of your facility all winter long, you will find bats simply hanging still, enjoying the warmth, with no intention of going anywhere.

Where Do Birds Go When It Gets Cold? 

Generally, the birds that stay behind to withstand the cold are scavenger birds or they have some way to fend for themselves once the ground freezes and snow blankets the landscape. For birds like pigeons, trashcans, dumpsters, and general trash are their source of food. As long as these factors remain, scavenging birds will do the same throughout the year.

The real problem starts when they begin looking for a warm place to shelter and fix their eyes on your business. Attics and other unused space make a perfect nesting place for birds. They are warm, secluded, and provide birds with all the shelter they need to survive the colder, winter nights. 

Problems Birds And Bats Bring To A Home

Did you know that birds will make their nests out of practically anything they can get their beaks on? This becomes a major problem when they find the wiring in your business, posing a major electrical fire risk.

Birds and bats are both known carriers of disease. Usually, the diseases they carry are transmitted through their droppings and urine they leave in your office space.

Just as pets sometimes bring pests like fleas or ticks into your facility, bats and birds are no different. Some of the pests that hitchhike into your home on bats and birds include bat bugs (similar to bed bugs), lice, ticks, fleas, and others.

Professional Bird And Bat Control

Here at Action Pest Control, we implement a wide variety of methods to keep birds and bats from invading your facility. Some of these methods include bird spikes and shock traps which are designed to deter flyers' access to your attic.

Our professionals work alongside you to seal off points of entry that bats and birds may use to invade. If you want your commercial building free of birds this winter, don’t hesitate to give us a call, we are always ready to help.