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Is Bird Control Effective?

two geese near a mud puddle

Birds are a frustrating pest to deal with. They leave their droppings on walkways, ledges, vehicles, roof lines, and more. They build unsightly nests on exterior locations--and also in electrical boxes, which can create a serious problem. They congregate on wires, ledges, railings, and roof lines, and make noise. While some of that noise is kind of nice, it can become a problem, especially if you have crows congregating near your windows in the morning while you're trying to get your morning work done. Birds in Kentucky introduce ticks, mites, and other parasites into the areas they roost. And clean up of these roosts can present a serious health problem due to illnesses spread by bird droppings. These are just some of the many ways birds can be a frustrating pest to deal with. That is why business owners turn to a professional for assistance. But is bird control effective?

One of the ways the bird specialists here at Action Pest Control protect property from unwanted birds is to put up netting. Netting is perfect for keeping birds from gaining access to sensitive locations, openings into a structure, hollow areas in a billboard or sign, roosting locations, and more. For many applications, netting is 100% effective for bird control. But it may not be the desirable choice for some situations.

It is sometimes impractical or visually unpleasant to use bird netting. One example is ledge protection. If you have birds congregating on the ledges all the way around your business, netting is probably not the right solution. For this, our technicians use bird spikes, shock tracks, and other exclusion installations. While it may sound mean to use spikes or electricity to keep birds away, it actually isn't. Bird spikes don't poke birds, they act like a scarecrow. When birds see spikes, they will usually move on to a more inviting ledge or roofline. And shock tracks give a mild shock that is enough to make birds not want to stick around. Both of these methods are quite effective at keeping birds from roosting and congregating. But it is possible to improperly apply these methods and achieve undesirable results. That is why it is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable professional like the ones here at Action Pest Control install these exclusions.

If you've been on the fence about getting bird control service for your property, reach out to us. We would be happy to address your questions and help you zero in on the solution that will work best for your business, or simply schedule a free inspection. The bird control specialists here at Action Pest Control are looking forward to helping you solve your bird problem with effective bird control solutions.