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Spring Is Here - Is Your Indianapolis Home Protected Against Termites?

termites in dirt

Termites are dreaded pests in Indianapolis, as well as in most of the United States, for that matter. They won’t buzz around your head as you try to swat them away, and they don’t get into your food pantry and contaminate packages. These pests work at a level where we can hardly recognize their presence.

Since homeowners can go about their day without realizing they have these destructive pests in their homes, termites can cause thousands of dollars' worth of damage to homes over an extended period of time before their presence is ever discovered. Unfortunately, termites have the ability to remain active year-round, under the right conditions. Spring has arrived, and this means we’ll see an increase in termite activity. Warmer weather encourages termites to be more active.

We are also more likely to see swarmers out and about during this season. Swarmers are winged members of the termite colony that have the role of reproducing and starting new colonies. Noticing small bugs with wings, or discarded wings in and around your home, are signs that you may be dealing with termites. It’s helpful to familiarize yourself with the signs of termite infestation.

Swarmers aren’t the members of the colony that are eating your home, though. Those members are known as worker termites. They eat cellulose found in wood, and are responsible for feeding the entire colony. These worker termites pluck away at wooden structures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Protecting your Indianapolis home

If you don’t have an infestation yet, you could still be at risk! Termite protection is important for Indianapolis homes. Since their damage can be so severe, we want to do everything we can to prevent termites.

So, what can you do to protect your Indianapolis home from termites? Try the following tips:

  • Make sure to repair any leaks found in and around your home, replacing the damaged wood when possible. It may be termites first choice for a meal; once it runs out , however, they’ll move on to any wood that is available.
  • Try to limit any soil-to-wood contact as best you can.
  • It’s also helpful to clean up debris around the yard, as rotting stumps and logs are highly attractive to termites.
  • Damp soil close to your home can create a problem. You may notice mud tubes around the foundation of your home; these are created by termites as they are traveling in and out.

Action Pest Control uses termite treatments that have been proven to work. We are equipped to offer the Sentricon and Termidor systems - ensuring that, no matter what your termite infestation looks like, we offer something that will work for you. Learn more about how each system works on our termite control page. Make sure termites aren’t causing costly damage to your home. For an immediate response to your termite troubles, contact Action Pest Control today get and get started on our effective termite control services in Indianapolis.