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Termites In Indianapolis

termites in a frass pile

In Indiana, there is only one termites species you need to worry about, Eastern subterranean termites. Though a single subterranean termite isn't much to look at, a colony of them inside the walls of your home can be a frightful thing. These insects work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, chewing channels through the wood of your home, weakening support beams and turning load bearing walls into a brittle mess, often devouring a home for years before they are discovered. Let's make sure they don't do it too your home.

Here Is What You Need To Know Most About Termites

This insect can be stopped 'before' it eats the wood of your home or business. The greatest reason property owners pay out billions of dollars in termite damage each year is because they don't have termite protection. Why is that? Because most don't understand the threat termites pose to a home, or they don't believe that their home will be targeted.

Check To See If You Have Subterranean Termites

  • Have you recently seen a termite swarmer or a single swarmer? Termite swarmers look like flying ants, only they are smaller and do not have the three distinct body segments of an ant.
  • Have you seen the transparent wings swarmers shed while mating and swarming?
  • Do you have any mud tubes on your exterior basement walls, or inside your home in hard-to-get-at-places like crawl spaces under your home, moist areas in your basement, closets spaces on all floors, and bathroom areas?
  • When you put your ear to your walls, do you hear insect activity?
  • Do your walls bulge out? Do your floors slope? Do doors and windows not close properly?
  • Is there chew damage on your fence or other exterior wood objects?
  • Is there chew damage on interior wood objects like furniture and banisters?
  • When you peel up mulch, is there a sheet of insects underneath?

If during this inspection you discover termites, you now have concrete evidence that termites can, and will, attack your home. If you inspect your entire house or business from top to bottom--even in hard-to-reach places--and find no evidence of termites, you are still at risk. If termites can find a source of moisture in your home, they can infest your wall voids and crawl spaces without mud tubes connecting them to the soil around your home. It takes a certified termite inspector to find these colonies. And, even if your home has not yet been targeted, it is wise to have a yearly pest plan that include termite protection. Termites do infest homes in Indianapolis. Don't let them infest your home. Be aware of the signs termites leave behind, and partner with a home pest control company like Action Pest Control to be sure that your home and your equity, is safe.