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Keeping Your Indianapolis Home Safe From Fall Pests

a stink bug on a sawed off log

With summer now gone, we have the chilly fall weather to look forward to. However, with all the good things that come with this season, we have to be sure we’re keeping an eye out for the bad as well. Make sure you’re on the lookout for these common fall pests.

Boxelder Bugs

While boxelder bugs are only considered a nuisance pest, these black and red insects are still a problem in many homes throughout the fall. During the summer, boxelder bugs are content to stay outside in the warm air, but as soon as the climate outside starts dropping, they will flock to the warmest exterior wall of your home, often taking advantage of any crack or opening that leads into your home. In most cases, the biggest problem you’ll face with these insects is that they stain furniture, curtains, walls, and personal items with their excrement. But in extreme infestation cases, if too many boxelder bugs are congregating on your A/C unit, it may lead to the unit overheating.


Much like boxelder bugs, ladybugs aren’t thought of as anything other than a nuisance. They tend to only invade during the fall when the weather becomes unfavorable to their survival and will seek warm areas to hibernate in. Often, the most accessible warmth comes from inside your home, and ladybugs will find a way to squeeze into any gaps in your window frames to reach the preferable inside climates. If they invade in large numbers, they can produce a smell that some have described as similar to that of burned rubber. Additionally, they can stain walls, furniture, and clothing with their excrement and blood.


Rodents are among the most common types of pests that choose to invade homes during the less forgiving seasons, and they can pose serious health threats to you as well as damage to your home. Mice are able to get into your home through any space that is the size of a nickel or larger, meaning they can fit into tight spaces many homeowners often miss. These tiny rodents also carry in other parasites such as fleas and ticks, which is another problem altogether. Mice will find their way into your home, and will often get into your food as well as chew on furniture, electrical wires, and wooden items in your home

Norway rats are large, dark brown and black rodents that invade homes in order to find food and shelter from the inevitable cold weather. Like mice, Norway rats damage homes with their constant gnawing of wooden structures, PVC piping, and wires, which can be costly to repair. Norway rats also carry many diseases that can be transmitted to humans, and they are often infected by fleas and ticks as well.

Preventative measures are the best way to keep these fall pests out, so making sure you take steps to avoid pest problems before they happen is imperative. Sealing the cracks, gaps, and crevices in the structure of your home will reduce the number of pests that get into your home. Additionally, repairing or replacing torn window screens, window frames, and door frames will also aid you when it comes to preventing fall pests. If you already have a pest infestation, or even suspect you might have one, calling a professional pest control service is the best thing you can do. At Action Pest Control, we specialize in everything from general home pest control programs to specific services such as our mole control option. We understand that every pest problem is unique and requires its own plan of action. Contact us today to ask about our services, or to schedule your free inspection.