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Why The End Of Summer Could Mean The Beginning Of Bed Bugs In Louisville


As summer comes to an end, we get ready to say goodbye to ants, mosquitoes, and other annoying summertime pests. Unfortunately, one terrible pest that doesn’t die off in the fall and winter is the bed bug. In fact, bed bugs in the Louisville area can begin to thrive nearer the end of summer.

We all know that hotels are one of the most problematic areas for encountering bed bugs. It’s the nature of having thousands of people passing through, and bed bugs ability to easily hitch rides in suitcases and personal belongings. As we return home from summer vacations, we may have unknowingly transported bed bugs home with us.
A single bed bug can lay up to five eggs per day, and those eggs take about three weeks to mature into adult bed bugs. Those bed bugs then begin to lay eggs—and the cycle repeats. An adult female bed bug can lay about 200 eggs in just two months’ time. A mid-summer vacation where you transported even one bed bug home with you can mean a full-on bed bug infestation by early fall.
So, what should you do if you suddenly discover a bed bug problem in your home this fall? First off, don’t panic or throw out your mattress. You can also skip the DIY bed bug sprays or myth-like solutions such as turning your heat up. Take a deep breath and call Action Pest Control.
At Action Pest Control, we have specially trained K9’s that can detect and pinpoint bed bug locations. Once bed bug locations are identified, in most cases, our skilled technicians will use heat treatment to eliminate all bed bugs and their eggs. This treatment allows Louisville residents to return to their homes the same day as it is chemical free and highly effective. In some cases, contained fumigation methods can be used to eliminate bed bugs and other pests. Your Action Pest Control technician will work with you to come up with the best solution to eliminate your bed bug infestation, worry-free, this fall.
Even one egg left behind can mean a re-infestation, which is why DIY methods are not recommended. Leave the end of summer bed bug removal to our experts at Action Pest Control.