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Fall Cockroach Prevention For Lexington Residents

an oriental cockroach in a home

This fall Lexington residents will want to take preventative measures to keep cockroaches out of their homes. Some people envision the hot and sticky days of summer as being the most active time for the disgusting cockroach. After all, they scurry through trash, animal feces, sewers and every other nasty outdoor place imaginable in the hot summer sun. The problem is that cockroaches do not die off in the cooler fall and winter months. They look for food sources and toasty places to live, like your home.

Unlike bed bugs, that don’t discriminate between dirty and clean homes, cockroaches tend to gravitate more toward the dirty. It’s often why, in news stories or TV shows, you’ll hear reports of cockroaches in dirty restaurants, cluttered apartment complexes, and unkept homes. Wherever there is an abundant food source, including trash, pet food, and other insects, cockroaches will make themselves at home. Keeping your home clean, dry, and trash-free is a good way to help keep cockroaches away.
Cockroaches in Lexington can come into your home through pipes, cracks in the foundation, and even through your toilet. They can also be transported in by you unintentionally in shopping bags, backpacks, blankets or towels, or anything you carry into your home. Keeping cockroaches out of your Lexington home is easier said than done as they are resourceful. However, you’ll want to do your best as cockroaches can carry many diseases. Salmonella is the most common bacteria that they transmit. Salmonella can make people sick with vomiting and diarrhea. In severe cases, dehydration can occur and people need to be hospitalized.
Cockroaches are excellent hiders so using DIY chemical sprays are often ineffective as you won’t reach all the bugs and can cause them to spread as they scurry to hide. They can live for about a year and breed quickly so even missing one can continue to cause you problems for a long time. The best solution is to call Action Pest Control as we have a wide range of home pest control service plans that can help you get rid of and prevent cockroaches. We can work with you to provide the best solution to your pest problem in the Lexington area this fall.