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Why Commercial Fumigation May Be Perfect For Your Business

a commercial food processing plant

When it comes to pest control, fumigation is a powerful weapon in the arsenal of a pest management professional. It comes with many benefits and only a few limitations. Here are a few points to consider when deciding whether or not fumigation for your business would be right.

Fumigation Penetrates

One of the biggest reasons to choose this pest control option is its ability to penetrate into locations that pesticides, sprays, and dust cannot. The gases work their way into gaps, holes, nooks, and crannies, and spread through tunnels and galleries created by wood-damaging pests.

Fumigation Leaves No Residue

When treating sensitive locations such as flour mills, pharmaceutical plants, seed processors, feed manufacturers, warehousing facilities, grain bins, and rail cars, fumigation is the right choice because it leaves behind no residue. Other treatment options leave a residue.

Fumigation Is Gentle

It is the preferred method for dealing with post-harvest pests that get into corn, tobacco, soybeans, rice, wheat, and other food products because it kills the pests without destroying the product.

Fumigation is also used in quarantine measures to prevent the spread of economic farm pests such as the coffee berry borer.

Fumigation Is Fast

If you don't want a lot of downtime, fumigation is a great choice. Every day your business is shut down for a pest treatment is lost revenue, and some pests can take weeks to eliminate. Fumigation works virtually overnight to eliminate 100% of targeted pests.

It Is Scalable

Fumigation might seem like the wrong choice if you're thinking that you'll have to have your entire business tented, but a fumigation can be performed on a single piece of furniture or one item of clothing. This scalability is sometimes the single reason this control option is selected.

Reasons Fumigation May Not Be The Right Option

When more than one treatment solution is available, fumigation can sometimes be the more expensive option. In these cases, the pros and cons must be weighed to select the right solution for your needs.

Fumigation often requires a location to be completely sealed off. If this is not possible, other treatment options will have to be selected.

Some locations are unsuitable for a fumigation. Your pest management professional is trained to examine a wide range of factors that could impede the effectiveness of a fumigation treatment.

If you need help with a fumigation in Indiana, Kentucky, or Illinois, reach out to the fumigation experts here at Action Pest Control. We have the answers you're looking for to make a sound decision for your commercial pest control needs.