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Don't Feed The Ants

an ant eating something

June provides us with the perfect weather to get outside on a more regular basis. However, that also means that ants will become more active and start causing people more problems. The most common ants in Terre Haute, Indiana are carpenter ants, odorous house ants, and pavement ants. It’s important to know the dangers these ants pose, how you can help by not feeding them, and what you can do to get rid of ants from your Terre Haute property and home.

Carpenter ants are large shiny black ants that are most active in the late afternoon and early evening. They chew tunnels through wood in order to get from one place to another and to build nests. Oftentimes, they will make their way indoors while foraging for food. They gain entry to your home through tiny cracks and holes in foundations and exterior walls. These ants are attracted to sweet liquids like honeydew, and they will also eat meat, pet food, and just about any sticky sweet substance. During their stay in your home, carpenter ants can cause a lot of damage to wooden items in your home including furniture, personal items, and structural wood. The damage that these ants cause can be extensive and costly to repair.

Odorous house ants are small black ants that are active both day and night. They are known to give off a terrible odor if they are crushed, hence the name “odorous” house ant. They are probably the most common and the most difficult ants to get rid of due to their large colonies that can contain thousands of ants. They are also attracted to honeydew but will eat meat, sweet foods, dairy products, and even vegetables. These ants usually leave noticeable trails where they most frequently travel.

Pavement ants are also small, but they are brown or black in color and are typically most active at night. They like to nest under pavement, walkways and concrete slabs. They eat the remains of other dead insects, spilled food, and just about anything else that they can find. Pavement ants are often seen taking tiny particles of food to their nests underground.

The danger of carpenter ants is obvious since they ruin all kinds of wood inside your home. But, regardless of the type of ant, they all can be a health hazard. Ants can carry bacteria that can cause salmonella, potentially contaminating any food that they invade with that bacteria.

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