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How To Protect Your Business From The Spring Return Of Birds

a pigeon on a commercial building

Every year, they come back--that is assuming they left at all. Some birds do a pretty good job of making it through the winters in our service area, which covers territory throughout Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois. But, whether they flew south for the winter or stayed put, all birds are going to start being active again. That's because the foods they enjoy eating are starting to become available once again. Here are a few things you need to know about the return of pest birds and, more importantly, how to protect your business from their presence.

Birds in Indiana live on a diet of seeds, berries, and insects. In spring, when we lay down new grass seed, birds take notice. When it warms up enough for berries to appear, birds start dancing on the branches of trees and bushes to nibble on them. And when insects begin to fill the air, birds are just about as happy as they'll be all year long. The world is alive with food, and birds get busy. But, when birds get busy, they can accidentally get into locations they shouldn't be. The goal of bird control is to gently guide birds to where we want them to be, and away from areas we don't want them to be.

If you manage a large outdoor arena or stadium, you know the value of bird netting. It prevents birds from nesting in every nook and cranny and greatly reduces the chances that droppings will fall on a visitor. But netting can help any business that needs to fully exclude birds from sensitive locations or machinery.

If you own a restaurant with an outdoor dining area, we don't have to tell you that bird spikes are a great way to prevent roosting and congregating. They act like a scarecrow for pest birds. Bird spikes and other bird deterrents can help businesses prevent birds from leaving corrosive and unsightly droppings on ledges, stairs, statues, and more. They also prevent the damage that birds can do to signage, soffits, rooflines, and other areas.

Spring birds are inevitable, but the issues they create for businesses are not. With a bird control program designed by a trained and experienced bird management professional, pigeons, starlings, swallows, sparrows, and other pest birds, can be controlled.

If you own a business in Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois--or the surrounding states of Ohio, Tennessee, Michigan, or Missouri, reach out to Action Pest Control. With over 30 years of experience in solving bird problems, you can trust the Action team to get the job done right.