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Preparing Your Business Against Winter Geese

two geese flying

One sure sign of fall is the v-formations seen in the sky as geese make their way from north to south for the winter. We imagine them flying thousands and thousands of miles, from Canada to southern states or even into Central America.

However, many geese don’t go as far as we think they will. Some geese even stop here in Illinois to spend the winter. When you add this migratory goose population to the local population, winter can become a time of year when geese populations are at their highest. Even though many geese will fly farther south, we will likely see spikes in their numbers here in Illinois as they stop to rest before continuing on their journey.

Why Geese Are Bad For Business

Unfortunately, spikes in the goose population can bring about some unpleasant realities for people living and working where they choose to gather. Business owners, especially, can end up fighting a difficult battle to ensure the comfort and safety of customers and protecting the well-being of the business itself.
Although geese are pretty birds to observe, they can cause quite a few problems for business owners. They need to eat and could denude the lawn or garden areas around your building in a relatively short span of time. Geese also leave waste behind. Goose droppings are unsightly and messy, but also create a sanitation issue as they can carry parasites.
Geese can be aggressive. The last thing your business needs is to obtain a reputation for being difficult or impossible to get into due to out of control birds.

What To Do To Prevent Geese

There are certain measures you can take to dissuade geese from taking up residence around your business. Eliminating food sources is a great place to start. Although geese eat a variety of things, some of their favorites include corn, wheat, grass, and pond weeds. While you can get rid of some of these, it’s not always possible. For instance, if you’re an oat farmer you clearly can not get rid of your oat crop without severely harming your business.
However, simple modifications to your building and the surrounding area may help reduce the goose population around your business. Implementing exclusion tactics may also make a huge difference in their numbers.

When To Call The Professionals

If you find that your preventative measures are not helping and the geese around your business are becoming a nuisance or a problem, it’s time to call the professionals. Action Pest Control offers a number of options that will eliminate your goose problem in a safe and non-lethal way.

A Few Services We Provide:

  • Nest removal
  • Flock dispersion
  • Exclusion installations

To get rid of your goose problem and get back to business, give Action Pest Control a call. We are here to help you and your business get back on track!