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Guide To Pest-Proofing Your Louisville Home

cockroach near pizza on a table

There is no better time to pest-proof your Louisville home than right now. The weather is getting colder, the conditions are becoming much worse for the multitude of pest that are outdoors. They will start looking for a place for the winter and unfortunately, this could mean that they are going to move into your home. You will want to get a head start on keeping these pests out before you have to deal with infestations of many kinds.

Pests are very clever, from the smallest insect to the largest rodent. They can all fit into cracks and crevices that appear to be smaller than their bodies. But, where there is a will, there is a way. Did you know that a small mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime? Scary isn’t it? Pests will look for any place that will get them what they need. And in most cases, they are looking for shelter, warmth, food, and water. Your home is the perfect place for them to set up camp and raise a new generation of pests.

If you are concerned about insects, rodents, birds, squirrels or other pests coming into your home seeking refuge, you will need to make it impossible for them to gain entry. Here are some useful tips for pest-proofing your home or business.

  • Buy a good caulking gun to seal off all entry points. Make sure all areas, including cracks, holes, and crevices are clean. Apply the caulk over the entry points and smooth with a damp rag.
  • Be sure to caulk around all windows, doors and fascia boards that run along the lower edge of your roof. Also, you should apply caulk around the bottom outdoor edge and sides of thresholds.
  • Seal off all utility openings that wires and pipes enter the side or foundation of your home, including around outdoor receptacles, faucets, dryer vents and cable wires.
  • Garage doors can be fitted with a rubber seal on the bottom. Sliding glass doors can be lined with 1/2” foam weatherstripping. Door sweeps can be installed at the base of all exterior doors.
  • Repair or replace gaps and tears in door and window screens.
  • Install 1/4” hardware mesh over all vents in your attic roof and crawl spaces.
  • Try an exterior insecticide treatment that works as a barrier. You should know, however, that insecticides are often times impractical and labor intensive. For the best, most efficient and effective pest-proofing, you should call a professional pest control company.

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