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Fall Pest Prevention

a mouse in fall leaves

The leaves are falling, pumpkin spice has taken over the menus, and your fall chore list is growing by the minute. Soon you will trade in your flip-flops for fall boots for good. As you bundle up, remember that you are not the only one preparing for the winter. The rodents, pests, and other wildlife are too. If your fall chore list doesn’t include pest prevention, your humble home will be a warm hotel for pests come winter.

Fall Pest List

This fall season, these are just a few critters that will seek shelter in your nice, warm home:

  • Boxelder bugs - A boxelder bug is a black tree bug with red or orange lines across its thorax and down the sides of its body. The boxelder bug leaves the trees and head indoors when shelter from the elements becomes scarce as the leaves fall and thin out. Boxelder bugs can leave excrement on your furniture and clothing, which causes stains.
  • Lady bugs - Yes, they are cute and every toddler’s favorite bug, but lady bugs do not belong in your home. You can identify a lady bug by its either red or orange body, which dons black dots on the thorax. Once lady bugs enter your home, they are difficult to get rid of because they leave a pheromone that tells the others where the best place to hang out for the season. The pheromone can linger in your home for years, so only a professional can get rid of it once the lady bugs enter.
  • Stink bugs - Stink bugs have large, oval shaped bodies that resemble brown shields. Stink bugs can be found anywhere, from outside in large fields to your basement and kitchen floor. If a stink bug is damaged, it releases an unpleasant smell.
  • Mice - We all know what mice are. They are the rodents that like to feast on your cereal when you sleep at night. Often times the only way to know they have been around is by the droppings they leave. Where there is one mouse, there are many. Mice also can carry diseases.

Fall Pest Prevention To-Do List

Those are just a few pests that can get in this season, so you need to focus on preventing all of them. This is no easy DIY solution. Here are the 5 things you must put on your fall pest prevention to-do list:

  1. Install weather-stripping around door and windows. Ensure that all entry points are sealed.
  2. Remove dead leaves and vegetation around the perimeter of your home. Vegetation is a food source and a place of refuge for many critters.
  3. Clean out cabinets and pantries, removing any food source that may attract pests.
  4. Install a dehumidifier in damp areas of the home.
  5. Call the professionals at Action Pest Control. Acton Pest Control has the education and years of experience to identify, prevent, and remove pests from your home. Action Pest Control has many levels of pest prevention and control solutions that involve pest proofing, removal, inspection, treatment, monitoring and more.