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Are House Spiders Dangerous?


You see them crawling across the ceiling, hiding in the corners or your basement, and chilling on your blinds. They are house spiders, and every day it seems like you see another and another. As you see the population increase, it has you a little on edge, but are they a danger to you and your family?

Here is everything you need to know about house spiders in Terre Haute and whether or not they are dangerous.

Quick Facts About Spiders In Terre Haute

There are several types of spiders in Terre Haute. While there are certainly dangerous spiders in the area, the house spider is not one that poses a threat to you or your family. You may be seeing more of them, but they won’t do you any harm.

House spiders are brownish-yellow in color and they have an off-white abdomen. You know you are looking at a house spider because of the dark stripes that make a chevron shape on its back. The spiders are only about 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch in size.

House spiders are not dangerous, but they are certainly nuisance pests. Spiders pick your home because it is offering exactly what they need.

What House Spiders Need From You

House spiders require food, shelter, and water to survive. That is unfortunate for you, but lucky for them. House spiders feed on the small pests in your home, so you need to control them if you want to get a handle on the house spiders.

To prevent house spiders in your Terre Haute home, do the following:

  • Trim bushes and trees away from the exterior of your home
  • Remove yard debris and wood piles from the outside of your home
  • Clean and vacuum webs and dark corners in your home
  • Caulk and seal gaps and cracks in your home and its foundation
  • Maintain pest control around your home to get rid of the bugs house spiders feed on

Year-round home pest control treatments from Action Pest Control is the best way to prevent and control house spiders as well as other pests in your home. Call now to find out which Action Pest Control plan is good for your home and its needs.