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Tips To Avoid Pest Birds

pest bird on a roof

Birds are amazing and beautiful creatures. And, let’s face it; most people love watching birds as they soar through the sky, perch in a tree, or splash in a bird bath. Many people enjoy birds so much that they may have bird feeders at their home so that they can watch them outside their windows every day. Even though birds can give many people great joy, they can also cause a considerable amount of destruction when they are attracted to commercial buildings. The damage that they can cause can be extensive and costly to the business owner. Not only that, but they can create an unattractive and unhealthy environment as their droppings can be unsightly and can cause corrosion of buildings and sidewalks. Because of these, and many other reasons, some birds are considered to be pests.

Some of the pest birds that are most often associated with damages include pigeons, geese, grackles, starlings, ducks, crows, and English sparrows. They can be active all year long in most environments from the inner city to properties in the country, and the damages they cause are not the only concern. Large gatherings of these birds are noisy and can create quite a disturbance, and these birds can spread numerous diseases such as salmonella and psittacosis. In fact, there are more than 60 diseases that are commonly spread by birds.

Not only can pest birds damage commercial buildings, pest birds can ruin a good reputation, cost a significant amount of money in repairs, and be a serious health risk to both employees and customer as well. As a business owner, you don’t want to let these pest birds lead to the demise of your good name; and you do not want them to affect your bottom line. The health risks to your employees and to your clientele include viral infections, food poisoning, respiratory problems, and parasitic infection. If you own any type of business, you will want to stop a pest bird infestation before it starts.

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