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Hidden Dangers Of Pest Birds

two pigeons on a roof

Some bird problems are easy to see. When birds congregate, they create unsightly nests and leave their droppings everywhere. This can make even the most beautiful business look rundown and undesirable. But there are many more ways birds can negatively affect businesses that aren't so obvious. Let's take a look at a few of them.


When birds get into locations they're not supposed to be in, they can jam machinery. This can lead to equipment failure, unneeded repair costs, and loss of revenue.


Bird droppings and bird nests aren't just unsightly, they can be contaminated. This can lead to illness for employees who are sent to clean up the messes birds cause. It can also make customers sick.


When birds leave their feces on walkways, it is going to do more than make your walkways ugly. Bird droppings are slippery, especially when wet. This can cause employees and customers to slip and fall. No business benefits from workman's compensation claims or litigation from customers.

Property Damage

There are many ways birds can damage property. Some species nest in power boxes and other sensitive locations. This can lead to a fire. Some species have droppings that are so corrosive they can literally deface statues and disintegrate concrete over time. If birds get inside, their nests can be complicated to clean up, and some items, such as insulation, may need to be replaced.


When you have to take employees off of assigned tasks, it doesn't just cost you money in labor, you have to pay for the water needed to clean sidewalks, ledges, stairs, and other locations. There is no need for this added cost when bird deterrents work to keep birds away.

We realize that birds are fun to watch, and it might be nice to have them around to look at, but birds can create unwanted problems when they are allowed to go anywhere they want. It is best to gently guide birds to where they won't cause issues.

At Action Pest Control, our bird control specialists have a wide range of bird deterrents available. They can guide you in the options that will work best for your specific business and for your specific needs. You don't have to let pest birds affect your bottom line. Reach out to us to schedule an appointment with an experienced and educated bird control professional today.