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Is Fumigation A Solution For Commercial Property?

a restaurant facility

When it comes to eradicating targeted pests, there are few treatment options that can compete with fumigation. It reaches where sprays, aerosols, dusts, and other chemical treatments can't. It resolves large scale issues quickly. It destroys pests in all stages of development, from eggs, all they way to adult bugs. And a fumigation does not require a long process of inspection, treatment, and monitoring. It is like flicking a reset switch on pests. But, what often makes fumigation the perfect solution for commercial property is the way it can be applied to sensitive environments.

Do you have an infestation of flour or grain beetles? That is a frustrating pest problem to deal with. Those insects get into everything, and applying pesticides to those food products will make them unacceptable for consumption. Since fumigants are gaseous and leave no residue behind, they directly target the invading pest without harming the infested produce. Whether you have a giant warehouse, or a single boxcar, barge, or storeroom that needs treatment, fumigation is the right tool for the job.

Is it your job to protect antiquities that are fashioned from wood? When termites or wood-boring insects infest antique items, you need a pest control method that gets deep into those items without damaging them. Fumigation is scalable to address small issues like this. While large tents are usually associated with fumigation, this method can actually be deployed on a much smaller scale to address items as small as a single book. In fact, fumigation is perfect for book-invading pests.

Does your industry work with pharmaceuticals? When you need bio-decontamination service, fumigation is the solution. The gases used will eradicate tiny bacteria, without leaving a residue behind. Areas that are cleaned are not only available for all uses once the treatment is complete, this treatment method meets FDA regulatory requirements.

When you need a fast, effective solution for your commercial property that will keep your business in compliance with all governmental regulations, fumigation is often the best solution. If you need assistance determining whether or not fumigation is right for your problem, schedule a visit from one of our professional pest control technicians.

Action Pest Control is a leader in commercial pest management. Our team is highly educated and trained in the best practices established by experts in the field of pest control and up to speed on all governmental guidelines for commercial pest control. You'll always get cutting-edge solutions to keep your business on track. Contact us for a free inspection and an evaluation of services.