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3 Benefits Of K9 Bed Bug Inspections In Indianapolis

a bed bug crawling in a home

We all know that dogs are used to sniff out drugs and capture criminals, but did you know that they are able to smell bed bugs? It's bizarre, but true! The sniffer on a dog is amazing. And many pest control companies have turned to canine bed bug detectors to make the removal of bed bugs faster, more effective, and discreet.


If you have ever gone through a bed bug heat treatment, you know they can take a long time. But, with K9 bed bug inspectors, technicians are able to isolate treatments to only the areas that need it. That means less time you'll have to spend waiting to return to your home.


Before K9 inspections, bed bugs were hard to get rid of. You could spend twenty-four hours spraying and cooking a home only to have the bed bugs re-emerge a few months later. I'm not saying this can't happen anyway, especially if someone is carrying the bed bugs into your house from theirs, or if a neighbor is infested, but with K9 inspections, trouble spots can be isolated, and technicians can determine if the bugs are in a place where they can escape the heat. This kind of feedback is invaluable when eradicating this pest.


Having bed bugs can be a traumatic event for a home or a business. No one wants to have giant hoses coming out of their windows, and professionals walking around on the lawn. It looks bad, and people might get the wrong impression. K9 inspections can help bed bug control companies get rid of bed bugs with isolated and limited treatments. This is great news, if you own a hotel or motel. Periodical inspections from K9 inspectors can keep bed bugs from ruining your business. Every year, bed bugs become a larger dot on the radar of building owners and managers. Don't let these bugs kill your business. Stay proactive.

Whether you have a home or a business, K9 bed bug inspectors can save you money and help you take care of these bugs fast and discreetly. Get inspected today!