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Advantages Of Fumigation Services

ants outside a home

Pest problems come in many forms. They can be as small as a group of Indian meal moths in your office pantry, or as widespread as cockroaches living in every nook and cranny. They can be obvious, like ants appearing in a break room of your business; or something subtle, like weevils infesting your grain bins. They can be a problem you are required by law to completely control, or just something you'd rather live without. Pests can destroy property, spread illness, cause conditions for accidents to occur, and send customers running. They can be an issue for homes, businesses, and municipalities. And in all of these cases, fumigation may be the right solution to the problem.

Here are a few reasons you may choose fumigation for your pest issue:

  • Fumigation gets into places other pest methods can't reach. It works its way through rooms with furniture, under the edges of carpets, into wall voids, and up into attic spaces. It will also permeate porous items and destroy any bugs hiding within. If you have a frustrating and hard-to-reach pest, such as termites, bed bugs, carpenter bugs, beetles, weevils, and more, fumigation may be the best solution.
  • Fumigation is faster than many other pest methods. If you have a pest that can only be controlled with bait methods or direct contact with pest products, fumigation may be the better way to go. Baiting and spraying can take time. These methods require several return visits to ensure complete control of the targeted pest. Fumigation can destroy all targeted pests overnight.
  • Fumigation kills all stages of life. When fumigation is used to control a pest issue, you don't have to worry about eggs being missed, and another infestation rearing its ugly head a few months down the road.
  • In some cases, it is required by law that there be zero tolerance for a pest. In these cases, fumigation has a better chance of ensuring that this requirement is met.
  • If you have a sensitive product that needs pest control, such as produce or a pharmaceutical, fumigation may be the only solution to the problem. The gases used in fumigation do not leave a residue. They simply dissipate once the job is done.

If you're dealing with pests, and you'd like to know if fumigation is the best option for your specific pest problem, reach out to us. Our pest specialists are happy to help you zero in on the best solution for your problem. We can even get you signed up for a free inspection.