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Growing Camel Cricket Problem

a camel cricket in a home

A growing problem in the United States, including here in Owensboro and other parts of Action Pest Control’s service area, is the rapid increase in the population of camel crickets. These are not the typical black crickets that will chirp on a warm summer night outside your open window. The camel cricket doesn’t make a sound to lull you to sleep; instead, these crickets could be invading your basement looking for a place to get out of the heat of summer or a place to wait out the cold winter months.

The camel cricket, originally from Asia, made its first appearance here in America in the 19th century and has steadily moved across the country and significantly grown in number. Known as the camel cricket due to the hump-like appearance of its body, this pale, wingless, long-legged creature is also known as a spricket or spider cricket. These crickets enjoy damp and dark areas when they are outside such as under rocks, logs, and debris piles. When the weather is too cool or too dry they will seek shelter inside dark sheds, garages, and basements as well as other damp areas of the home like the laundry room or under the kitchen sink.

Though the camel cricket carries no known bacteria or disease that can be transmitted to their human landlords, it doesn’t mean that they are harmless houseguests. Their appetite alone is enough to compel you to do your best to make sure that these crickets do not make themselves too comfortable. Camel crickets will eat just about anything. They dine frequently on mold and mildew, but they also have a taste for fabrics, cardboard, fruit, and even each other if they are hungry enough. An unchecked breeding population of camel crickets in the basement can over time turn into a big problem for any clothing or furniture that might be nearby.

Homeowners frequently do not realize that the camel cricket has found its way into their homes for quite some time as they only come out to feed in the overnight hours. By the time that they are discovered, their numbers typically have increased significantly, increasing the chances of damage and expensive replacement costs for belongings. Action Pest Control is here to help. Our professional home pest control team will work with homeowners on an assessment of the extent of your camel cricket infestation and the best way to eliminate any threat to the home and family. Our methods are environmentally responsible and effective for all types of homes and businesses. Give us a call to set up an appointment today.