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The Devastating Effect Of Lyme Disease

a bullseye on a leg

At Action Pest Control, we believe that one case of Lyme disease in the United States is one case too many. This is a disease that can lead to lifelong health complications that include nerve pain, episodes of dizziness, rashes, joint pain, shooting pains in appendages, numbness, short-term memory loss, inflammation of the brain and spinal cord, facial palsy, heart problems and general body pain. That is why we take a strong position on preventing tick bites. While Lyme disease can be treated in its early stages, through the use of antibiotics, too often it goes untreated and passes the stage where it can't be cured.

Life has enough difficulties without having to suffer from chronic illness. For those who battle with Lyme disease, it can be a chore just to get out of bed. And all of the symptoms listed above make it extremely hard to hold a job or raise a family. And when a child gets Lyme disease it creates a dependency that lasts long after high school. This is truly a devastating disease.

Early Detection Begins With Tick Prevention

When Lyme disease is detected early, it can be treated successfully. But, the bullseye rash that usually leads people to get checked out by their physician doesn't always appear. And sometimes the early symptoms are mistaken for other illnesses when a physician doesn't realize a tick was involved. Knowing that you, or someone you love, has been bitten by a tick is key to the successful diagnosis of Lyme disease. That is why the first step in tick prevention is to do routine checks for ticks, especially when coming in from being out in nature. Be sure to inspect closely. Blacklegged ticks, which are directly linked to the spread of Lyme disease, can be extremely small.

When going out into areas where ticks may be, it is a good idea to protect yourself. Spray insect repellent on your feet and legs, and consider tucking your pant legs into your socks, or wearing tall boots. Ticks have to crawl up to get to your hair. They don't fall from trees or leap on you when you pass a bush. They wait on blades of grass and cling to you as you go by.

If you have pets, you have a higher risk of getting bitten by a tick. Make sure your pet has veterinary-prescribed products for preventing ticks, and comb them regularly to check.

For backyard tick prevention, or to arrest a tick infestation in your home, reach out to Action Pest Control. We use the most advanced pest protocols to reduce ticks. While we can't promise that you never get bitten by a tick, we can help you reduce the risk. For more information, or to set up service, we're standing by to assist you.